“Kaosmogonia” is an album with many faces where traditional Power Metal meets symphonic Metal with symphonic Death Metal twists
May 6, 2024

HYPERSONIC were formed in 2006 and they are from Belpassio, Italy. They are a symphonic Power Metal band and released so far one EP and two full-length albums. Their third album “Kaosmogonia” has a length of about 64 minutes. They are a few guest musicians on the album, among them Marc Jansen (EPICA; MAYAN), Francesco Paoli, Francesco Femini (both FLESHGOD APOCAPLYPSE), Emma Zoldan and Nils Courbaron (both SIRENIA). The album was released via Italian Power, progressive, and symphonic Metal specialists Rockshots Records.

The album starts with the cinematic intro “Apeiron”, transitioning into “Angels And Demons”, which is a fast Power Metal track with sharp and dynamic guitar riffing, a lot of double-bass drumming, and a catchy melodic framework. While the verse parts are fast, the bridges and the chorus parts are mid-tempo. The chorus parts are almost anthemic. A prominent feature is the orchestral arrangement, which provide extra darkness to the track. The break is two-parted with an extended lead guitar solo followed by a short keyboard solo. The vocals are predominantly the female vocals of Eleonora Russo, she shares the vocal duties. Her clean vocals vary from the medium to higher end of the vocal range. “Veil Of Insanity” starts with a oriental Folk part, transitioning into a very powerful and heavy track based upon the orientally inspired melodic framework. It is a track with many transitions in tempo and rhythm, where the slow and stomping parts are based on thunderous riffing. The fast parts are driven by the relentless double-bass drumming. Despite being based on traditional Folk music, there are some orchestrations added with the brass being very prominent. “Mother Earth” is a bit easier to digest as it is a melodic symphonic Metal track at mid-tempo with catchy melodies. There are a few heavy parts during the verses, while the chorus parts are sing-alongs. The orchestral arrangements are very prominent with the strings and the brass leading the charge. The vocals use a lot more higher notes compared to “Veil Of Insanity”, and that fits perfectly into the track. The break is again two-parted with the lead guitars ad keyboards are likewise able to shine. “Mother Earth” is the official video release, and the YouTube link is provided below.

You Bastard” is another heavy and powerful track with thunderous riffing, lots of double-bass, even a few blast-beats at a mixture of mid-tempo and measured tempo at a pounding rhythm. The orchestral arrangements are again very prominent, but very contributing. The vocal duties are shared where vocalist Eleonora Russo has male growling support. “You Bastard” is a mixture of several genres, among them symphonic Power Metal with some symphonic Death Metal twists. “My Sacrifice” continues with that mixture of the previous track. There are a few parts at frantic pace where the vocal duties are shared, and there are some melodic Metal parts during the chorus parts with catchiness in the melodies and the clean male vocals of Marc Jansen (EPICA; MAYAN). In between there are again a few symphonic Death Metal twists added to the mix. Altogether, the track reminds me in fact a bit of MAYAN as the song textures have a lot of complexities and it is not always easy to follow. “Alone” is the album ballad, which is mainly driven by the piano, the strings, and the female vocals. The song is perfectly suited for the voice of Eleonora Russo, and she uses the opportunity to shine. After that break, “Path Of Salvation” provides darkness and heaviness, at least in parts. It is a fast symphonic Power Metal track for the majority with some mid-tempo parts and some parts at measured tempo. The many switches in tempo and in the melodies do not always work together as crushing parts meet easy-to-listen melodic parts quite often. One feature of the album is the extensive use of keyboard solos, and they often do not fit in well into the tracks.

Against Myself” is a mixture of mid-tempo verse parts and fast Power Metal chorus parts. Again, it is a track with many twists and turns in tempo and rhythm. The break is introduced by the piano and the clean male vocals, leading into a short stomping part driven by the orchestrations and devastating riffs, transitioning into the solos at fast pace. “Against Myself” is perhaps one of the most characteristic songs describing the HYPERSONIC trademark sound. “Revelation” focusses on delivering symphonic Power Metal without compromise: powerful riffing coupled with double-bass drumming, and melodic chorus parts at mid-tempo. The orchestrations are at full swing during the break adding an extra dimension to the track. I have the impression that “Revelation” is not over-engineered in terms of song complexity and the track really benefits from that. “Burning Inside” starts with an orchestral cinematic pre-lude transitioning into a thunderous part at mid-tempo. It takes a while for the vocals to join, while the sound is mainly driven by the crunching basslines and the orchestrations. It is a mixture of quiet verse parts driven by the piano joined by the guitars later, and the heavier chorus parts. Highlight of the track is the contributing lead guitar solo. The extended break introduces added complexity to the structure as there are many twists and turns in tempo and rhythm. “Anima” is the final album track, and it is a two-minutes outro by the piano. The album comes with a bonus track, which is the orchestral version of “Mother Earth”.

HYPERSONIC deliver an interesting symphonic Power Metal album. “Kaosmogonia” is an album with many faces: there is the traditional Power Metal sound, which is the core sound, then there are the symphonic Metal elements with many very prominent orchestrations, and then there are the symphonic Death Metal twists which occur at times. It is an album of song complexity, and this does not always work to perfection. Sometimes, more simplicity in the songwriting would have been beneficial. Another feature of the HYPERSONIC sound is the split between lead guitar and keyboard solos. I felt that the keyboard solos were often unnecessary and did not add anything to the tracks. The album is well produced. “Kaosmogonia” is a good album overall and will have its share of symphonic Power Metal fans.

8 / 10









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"Kaosmogonia" Track-listing:
  1. Apeiron  
  2. Angels And Demons
  3. Veil Of Insanity
  4. Mother Earth
  5. You Bastard
  6. My Sacrifice
  7. Alone
  8. Path Of Salvation
  9. Against Myself
  10. Revelation
  11. Burning Inside
  12. Anima
  13. Mother Earth (Orchestral Version)
Hypersonic Lineup:

Eleonora Russo Vocals

Emmanuele Gangemi Guitars

Dario Caruso Keyboards

Salvo Grasso Drums, Vocals

Francesco Caruso Bass

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