It has been becoming a fashion, an understanding that it is far beyond a trend […]
July 11, 2016
Hyne - MMXV album cover

It has been becoming a fashion, an understanding that it is far beyond a trend or a short-lived. I may have overstepped the boundaries of obviousness here, but it had to be relayed to you guys once again, just as quick reminder. Stoner Rock / Metal is kicking, alive and biting without mercy. Following the heavy loaded wave of bands surging on the worldwide Metal scene, the revamping of the old BLACK SABBATH efforts into the second decade of the 00s strongly continues. It is assumed that HYNE, hailing from Hamburg, Germany, didn't really bear in their minds to reinvent this process of fuzzy groove, yet they managed to take on a true form and build up a strong front, especially with their latest album "MMXV".

It is quite clear that nothing started with them, some of the album's hinted influences such as BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, KYUSS and CLUTCH among the many that derive from the same sound and feel, but HYNE escalated their efforts and proved to be closer to the same line of giants that took this genre into high heavens of weed and progress. Similar to the giants, you won't find anything clean or polished within their music, yet the awesome fragrance and texture of pure grime, soaring outputs of the blue collar class along with a layer of atmospheric echoes that turned out to be impressive. The same pattern remains, however it has a spirit of its own, a self-image that the band originated.

"MMXV" is laying in the barrier between the heavy chunks and a spiritual world often in disturbance.  You would be a witness to well-made meaty grooves and riffs, which are groomed and found on "Keep It Low", "Undertow" and occasionally in the "The Apprentice" while the world beyond the veil is a smooth, somewhat melodic and enchanting which is often receiving a shakedown. Drifting through the smoke are in the image of "Into The Sun", a few parts of "Black Paint" and the instrumental space travel of "Orbit". Reasonably, this album is easy to take in, just to sit back and take pleasure of the flow, whether breaking your face or merely softening the blow.

8 / 10


"MMXV" Track-listing:

1. Black Paint
2. Undertow
3. Keep It Low
4. The Apprentice
5. Orbit
6. Monkey's Paw
7. Ride The Snake
8. Into The Sun

Hyne Lineup:

Koschelski - Vocals
Doerty - Guitar
Roos - Guitar
Stefanmann - Bass
Björn - Drums

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