The Dead Stay Dead


Unless reality changed and the world is undergoing a Zombie type of movie thingy, the […]
July 12, 2016
Huron - The Dead Stay Dead album cover

Unless reality changed and the world is undergoing a Zombie type of movie thingy, the dead usually stay dead, sometimes buried and in other occasions just rotting in the sun. HURON, A powerful Metal force from the UK, has been doing its best to keep that fact in check, and they released their number three release with a name accordingly, "The Dead Stay Dead", via Holier Than Thou Records. They have already made it through the big challenges of their career, and of course the only way is up, but they also proved how strong their Metal range is while bashing through the sub-genre walls.

Following what appeared to be a strict modern edge, while only leaving slight ounces for old school fans to manifest, HURON are fierce and commanding. Bowling in a wicked conjuring of Groove / Thrash Metal meets Metalcore, engrossed by a technical musicality. Think about a brutal unison of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, VADER, ANNIHILATOR, ARCH ENEMY and early SOILWORK to comprehend the brighter picture, or just getting perplexed as this ship is between diving to the bottom or the opposite which is flying on top of the world. "The Dead Stay Dead" is basically all out war to keep the heart pumping, although it has its constructiveness. This is a polished fist in the face that is leaving only a few minutes of despondent serenity and bitter suspense. Occasionally, HURON are triggering the Swedish melodies in a version that is aligned with the end of the 90s crossing into the 00s, well performed and neatly done. Too bad that there aren't too many soloing efforts, as those that are on board, are well written, enhancing the force of the smashing riffery.

I much related to the almost soothing experience of the self-titled track, "The Dead Stay Dead", combining the album's notable merits, whether brutal infliction of pain or angel state divinity. From the other hand, "Psychosis" escalated with high end technical playing and heavily rough edges that are bound to make a pit red. "Despina", another favored track, is the sole place for every Thrasher that likes the modern intensity, purely the album's violent product, a weapon of mass destruction.

At the end of the day, HURON are providing a one stop shop of Modern Metal fusion, they have been already driven to upscale themselves, and each year they become bigger, better check them out.

8 / 10


"The Dead Stay Dead" Track-listing:

1. The Ark Of Deucalion
2. The Dead Stay Dead
3. Santa Muerte
4. Psychosis
5. Murder Hole
6. Despina
7. Bastard King
8. The Spirit Of Hatred
9. Bokanovskys Process
10. Solace
11. Flesh & Thorns

Huron Lineup:

Rohan James - Lead Vocals / Bass
David Parson - Drums
Rimmy Sinclair - Guitar / Vocals
Chris Smith - Guitar / Vocals

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