Carry On

Hunted By Elephants

"Carry On", out on January 15th, 2021, is the second release from English rockers HUNTED […]
By Mike McMahan
January 27, 2021
Hunted By Elephants - Carry On album cover

"Carry On", out on January 15th, 2021, is the second release from English rockers HUNTED BY ELEPHANTS, and the follow up to 2019's debut "Rise Of The Elephant". The band has a throwback sound, more analog than digital, with heavy riff usage in the vein of a DEEP PURPLE or BLACK SABBATH. With the delivery being what it is, I could not help but to draw instant comparisons to RIVAL SONS and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. They had some midline underground success with two singles from the "Rise Of The Elephant" release, "Unnamed" and "Human Eyes", and this album should help to get the band further into a more mainstream success.

As a band, HUNTED BY ELEPHANTS functions extremely well. They are very tight, with Flourendzou's guitar up front and Phelan and Buttice's rhythm section providing an ample punch and thunder. Liapis' vocal shines on these songs, as well, and the writing is superb. The overall sound on this release is very impressive, particularly coming from an independent.

From the first bit of controlled feedback on "Let Me Be", the album's opening track, I felt the band's influences shining through. The song has a deep, plodding melody, pushed by the guitar and accentuated very effectively by the vocals. The choruses are punctuated with some nice background vocal work, and a blistering guitar solo lends an old school feel to the song.

The introduction to the album's second cut, "Carry On", sounds as if Flourendzou is channeling the legendary Buck Dharma and BLUE OYSTER CULT. The verse of this song has more of a pop feel than the opener, but that gives way to a darker and more severe tone in the chorus. Again, fireworks are on display with a sweetly phrased guitar solo that rips its way through the last quarter of the track. This song is a perfect example of the band's amazing sound for me; with brilliant writing, both musically and lyrically, and an incredible ability to at once feel old and then new again.

The album has a couple of softer moments, as well. The hauntingly beautiful "Ghost Song" sounds like it was inspired by Glenn Hughes/David Coverdale era DEEP PURPLE, with a jazzier blues feel than found on the remainder. "Towards The Light" offers an absolutely gorgeous acoustic guitar introduction, which gives way to another beautiful vocal courtesy of Liapis.

There are a few bands out there now that seem immersed in this style, but I have heard none that offer anything more than HUNTED BY ELEPHANTS does on this release. I hope these guys are fully ready for the success they are about to encounter. It is on the doorstep.

10 / 10









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"Carry On" Track-listing:

1.Let Me Be
2.Carry On
3.The Weapon
5.Ghost Song
6.Keep On Giving Me Loving
8.Towards The Light
9.Believe In Something
10.Take Me Away

Hunted By Elephants Lineup:

Apostolis Liapis - Vocals, Keyboards
Roman Flourendzou - Guitar
Ray Phelan - Bass
Alex Buttice - Drums

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