Jeff Scott Soto is undeniably one of the best voices in Hard Rock / Heavy […]
By Dimitra Zertopouli
May 1, 2002
Humanimal - Humanimal album cover

Jeff Scott Soto is undeniably one of the best voices in Hard Rock / Heavy Metal. Soto's vocals can be found in several great albums of Talisman, Yngwie Malmsteen, Axel Rudi Pell, tributes (Randy Rhodes, Aerosmith etc.), soundtracks (Rock Star, The Queen Of The Damned etc.) and many more (it's hard to keep track to every move a workaholic like him does). When I heard that his new project, Humanimal would be in the vain of Talisman, I got so exited that I could hardly wait for this release!
Humanimal also features the Swedish guitar master Pontus Norgren, ex-Malmsteen bassist Marcel Jacob and drummer Tomas Broman of Great King Rat fame.
R U 4 Real is the opening track and the best way to introduce Humanimal's style: fast guitars, heavy vocals, and great rhythm. Again 2 B Found, my favorite, follows with a killer chorus, screaming guitars and an amazingly strong bass playing that makes my heart beat the same way. The Hard Rock hurricane continues with the License 2 Kill with vocals moving on various harmony trails, great energy and a fast guitar solo filled with such emotion that Mr. Y. M. would have really been jealous of.
Find My Way Home moves in slower paths (just slower, not slow) than the previous songs (My respects to the rhythm section once again!). Feel The Burn rocks hard once again. In Road 2 4giveness Jeff Scott Soto shows all his greatness, I really can't believe what my humble ears listen to! Melodic I follows and justifies all those who believe that Hard Rock is still alive and kicking. I'm not easily impressed by guitar playing but Mr. Pontus Norgren won my heart!
Turn Away has a moody funky sound with great harmonies. Who Do U Think U R follows with it's catchy chorus, clever lyrics and sensual rhythm. The album ends with the rocker Way 2 Deep. Wait a minute! Is this the end? So soon? No ballads? No filler songs? Hell no! Just 100% energy!
What a killer album! Undoubtedly, the best release of 2002 so far!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Humanimal" Track-listing:

R U 4 Real
Again 2 B Found
License 2 Kill
Find My Way Home
Feel The Burn
Road 2 4giveness
Turn Away
Who Do U Think U R
Way 2 Deep

Humanimal Lineup:

Jeff Scott Soto - vocals
Marcel Jacob - bass
Pontus Norgren - guitars
Tomas Broman - drums

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