Caged In Flesh


To their credit HORSEHUNTER are a band that really bring some large sounds and huge […]
By Michael Coyle
July 21, 2015
Horsehunter - Caged In Flesh album cover

To their credit HORSEHUNTER are a band that really bring some large sounds and huge tones to the table, that is what I feel this band has and much more. The guys have brought a powerful and spiritual force of emotions and ideas which really capture the bands power and creativity.

"Stoned to Death"
The start of this track starts off pretty trippy, with vibrating sound and random but useful sound textures, the track itself starts as a jam of sorts; like a jam you would have with friends who really pick up on your vibe and really understand what your aiming for. I feel that with this track in general we have a bunch of friends who love to play and really know how to lay it down. Really though this is a journey of a song that really takes the mind from one place to another and I'm really loving the vibe on this track: it has a very connective feeling which really combines sound and structure together and takes the listener through different shades of their own mind.

"Caged in Flesh"
If anything ladies and gents this is a great combination between Stoner Doom and Sludge, or well that's the way it sounds to me. It really holds some strong ground and takes a hit to the mind with some heavy sounds and mellow sounds that really work together to create the song's whole structure. The idea of this song is pretty badass, which also goes for the title track of this monster of a tune, "Caged In Flesh". What a concept in its own way folks, a song that really screams out for freedom while also showing a lot of madness to boot. The song itself has some very MONSTER MAGNET and CROWBAR sounds that really hit hard.

From the very start we have this mellow and unspoken melody which creates this very dark yet very sad area of ideas which for me. It does work for these guys as it holds up some pretty mellow and beautiful sounds that hit the soul very hard, yet keep a very balanced and harmonised vibe which brings together something that in its own way hit hard for me and brings memories of happiness and sadness together.

Following with the previous tracks "Witchery" holds some heavy and very intense riffs as well as some very powerful drum beats which hold up perfectly. The track in general is a heavy hitter and really flows well with the rest of the EP, showing me that this band has some power to it which really is something you want from a band like this folks.

To really conclude I loved this EP, it has everything that a fan would want, grooves, raw power and of course a heaviness that this band has been able to create from their own.

10 / 10


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"Caged In Flesh" Track-listing:

1. Stoned to Death
2. Caged in Flesh
3. Nightfall
4. Witchery

Horsehunter Lineup:

Himi Stringer - Vocals, Bass
Michael Harutyunyan - Vocals, Guitars
Dan Harris - Guitars
Nick Cron - Drums

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