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From Bandcamp, "20 Jahre," or simply "XX", as it is also called, is a special […]
Horn - 20 Jahre album cover

From Bandcamp, "20 Jahre," or simply "XX", as it is also called, is a special release with selected songs from the very early days of HORN that were completely redone and re-recorded in the current HORN style, making this sound almost like a brand-new album. It is a co-release between HORN and Northern Silence Productions." The album has seven songs.

"Höhen" is the first. A mid-tempo sound eases in, with deadly Black Metal vocals, and right away, the intricate guitar work strikes me. It is sad, but also with elements of resolve. The clean guitars after the half-way mark are quite charming. "Das Jahr geht mit eisiger Faust" has a faster and more hasty sound, where again, the guitar work is excellent. They create riffs that are lively and they fuel the song, which is full of anger. There is a slow down when the verses come in, and they roll forward with power. "The Fading Landscape's Glory" begins with more solemn tones, and they are increased with the clean guitar passage rears its head.

"Hornstoß Westfalen" opens with more clean guitars, and so far, Nerrath" is doing a good job of balancing sober tones with angry ones. This song moves with a swing that grows in power as it moves along. "The Grandest of all Blades" also begins with clean guitars that morph to a commanding sound before too long. Again, the guitar work is quite strong. But at this point on the album, the songs are beginning to blend together a bit. Some diversity would help sharpen these lines. "Spätherbst" has very solemn tones with audible bass notes and even song strings. I like the gentle sway that develops here.

"Fahrwasser" closes the album. Simulated keys open the wary song. Clean vocals lead in a slow groove of hopelessness and despair. It's a perfectly dreary way to end an album. Overall, I very much enjoyed the sound on the album, but my only critique is that too many of the songs ran together. If he could just diversify the sound a bit more, it would go a long way. As it stands, it is good, but could be better.

7 / 10









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"20 Jahre" Track-listing:

1. Höhen
2. Das Jahr geht mit eisiger Faust
3. The Fading Landscape's Glory
4. Hornstoß Westfalen
5. The Grandest of all Blades
6. Spätherbst
7. Fahrwasser

Horn Lineup:

Nerrath - All Instruments

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