Hail Sweden. Sometimes this country just seems to be pooping out some of the best […]
By Christian van Millingen
October 20, 2015
Horisont - Odyssey album cover

Hail Sweden. Sometimes this country just seems to be pooping out some of the best artists I will hear in while. Damn good progressive elements and well pitched vocals filled with amazing riffs. HORISONT has it!

Let us begin!

The first song "Odyssey", it moved me. Slow intro, good riff that follows. Very well played with the elements of a song here. At first I was almost leaning for the comparison with AYREON, but it seems almost unlikely. The space themed synth used very well in a very delicate spot. Somewhat smooth, somewhat light, but heavy enough galloping in the song to get my head banging. A very well played elemental song, with a feel of Psychedelic, Heavy Metal.

Following an album with greatness in it. The second song "Break The Limit" almost made me do it. braking limits. Too bad I don't really head-bang in public, or else the whole bus would have seen the long-haired guy banging his head to the tunes of the devil. Or maybe in this case some psychedelic god of music.

Not all goes for perfection. Somewhere the mixing might be too soft on the amazing vocals. An example, in my opinion, is "Blind Leder Blind" where everything is well, but the vocals are just not on point when it comes to the mixing.

But soon followed by "Bad News", where the vocalist seems to be breaking out in a JUDAS PRIEST like way. As if I am listening to something from another world.

But I don't like to explain every song, for all on this album seems awesome. All is well written, most is space-themed, and well, that is just an amazing idea, proven to work out. The album is enjoyable on multiple levels, from detailed listening to listening on background, rocking out, or just sitting in a bus. I know I got it as a promo, but can I please keep it?<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Odyssey" Track-listing:

1. Odyssey
2. Break The Limit
3. Blind Leder Blind
4. Bad News
5. Light My Way
6. The Night Stalker
7. Flying
8. Back On The Streets
9. Beyond The Sun
10. Red Light
11. Städer Brinner
12. Timmarna

Horisont Lineup:

Axel - Vocals
Charles - Guitars
Kristofer - Guitars
Magnus - Bass
Pontus - Drums

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