Eternal Infinity


I have never listened to such schizophrenic album before! Every song belongs to a different […]
By Dimitra Zertopouli
April 30, 2002
Horakane - Eternal Infinity album cover

I have never listened to such schizophrenic album before! Every song belongs to a different music style and the outcome may not be muddled but it brings confusion to the listener. Horakane is a project of the brilliant Praying Mantis vocalist Tony O'Hara and guitar player Jamie Kane. As a project it gives the musicians the opportunity to experiment, but Eternal Infinity is way too much of an experiment!
The album after a short neutral intro, starts with the Over The Edge song, which contains screaming vocals ala Rob Halford and a simple classic sharp riff. After all that classic simplicity, listening to the complex progressive The Storm made me frown and think: What the hell?!?!?!. Well the surprises weren't over cause the commercial 80's Hard Rock Don't Wait Until Tomorrow followed. No need to say that this is my favorite song of the album. Hold On comes to give some epic-power tone in the album. Never Meant To Make You Cry is a ballad that it's guitar work brings to mind the ballads of Scorpions. The heavy Voices is probably the worse song of this work maybe because it brings late Metallica to mind. Judgement Day and Hurts Like Hell are in the vain of Judas Priest. Remember My Name is catchy power ballad. The End Of An Era ends this psycho CD in an 80's way, another great song.
In overall, an interesting album with great moments and amazing vocal lines but somehow it misses it's target with all this variety.

7 / 10


"Eternal Infinity" Track-listing:

Eternal Infinity
Over The Edge
The Storm
Don't Wait Until Tomorrow
Hold On
Never Meant To Make You Cry
Judgement Day
Hurts Like Hell
Remember My Name
End Of An Era

Horakane Lineup:

Tony O'Hora - vocals / rhythm guitars / bass / drum / keyboard programming
Jamie O'Kane - lead guitar

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