Dead Eyes Revelations


There is means to an end, falling back to an old love that never died […]
June 8, 2016
Horacle - Dead Eyes Revelations album cover

There is means to an end, falling back to an old love that never died but secretly kept only to one day erupt. No matter where musicians might end up, it appears that most of them will return to their origins, to what made them tick in the first place. The Belgian HORACLE was founded on that same source, not a remnant of any other band the came before it, but strictly a new foundation solely based on admiration. Making their official debut "Dead Eyes Revelations", after releasing several EPs as small promotional tokens before the big bang, HORACLE provided an abundant imagery of the vintage era of Metal music.

Inspired by the magical period of NWOBHM, especially with strong signatures of early 80s IRON MAIDEN and TOKYO BLADE while not laying to rest a few elements that were once common with JUDAS PRIEST, "Dead Eyes Revelations" is yet another comprehensive trip around Heavy Metal's prosperous epochs. Sure that there is nothing fresh brought to the table, but this is the truest form of Metal, and it doesn't really have to be entrusted with renewals. This album, like others before it and others that will come after, is a product of a pack being fans of the old school vision of the genre. The setting is drenched by rich melodic touches of the duo guitars, served as mere fuel for the fire of the so known rhythm rifferies spread all around. This entire musical piece is just going and going while showing off a measure of good quality throughout the proceedings.

Crossing between the epic Metal storytelling ventures along with melodic hook-laden grabbers, it is positive to say that HORACLE nearly has it all in this release. My favorite "Signs of the Beast" is your naturally based NWOBHM hymn of victory, simply all over the place with its might, a could have been B-Side of an old MAIDEN album. "The Hounds (Wicked Child)" is the epic fist clenching closer, slightly descending in the era of the late 70's but with a clear view of what the scene would be in just a few years later. "No Resistance" is the vintage speedster, old late MOTORHEAD double pedal crack, dancing in an ensemble with melodic grandeur of both massive vocals and guitaring abilities.

Be sure to stick around if you happen to see them on a poster near you, and of course, take note of this release, they have a point to prove and it is quite old.

8 / 10


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"Dead Eyes Revelations" Track-listing:

1. Premonition
2. Carnage Stallion
3. King Slayer
4. No Resistance
5. Signs of the Beast
6. Passage to Eternity
7. Revenge at Hand
8. Awakening of a Crimson Shelter
9. The Hounds (Wicked Child)

Horacle Lineup:

Lord Sabathan - Bass
Greg War - Drums
Dyno "Cousin Itt" - Guitars
Terry Fire - Vocals
Alekseï Makarov - Guitars

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