Redefined Mayhem

Holy Moses

The career of Sabina Classen & the pilgrims of Metal is stretched for over a […]
By YngwieViking
April 6, 2014
Holy Moses - Redefined Mayhem album cover

The career of Sabina Classen & the pilgrims of Metal is stretched for over a thirty year period, with an incredible amount of musicians involved in the course of their tumultuous timeline such as Uli Kusch (ex-GAMMA RAY / ex-HELLOWEEN / ex-MASTERPLAN etc...). Finally, in 2012, they signed with SPV / Steamhammer Records after the release of a great collection of re-recording "30th Anniversary: In the Power of Now", here is the review for their first full length release for this legendary label, an ultra-powerful alliance, yet ready to conquer the world like the plague, you are warned.

HOLY MOSES was always be considered as outcast in the German Metal scene, in the 80's they were pioneers in the Blackened Thrash Metal genre and the dangerous gang was also precursor in bringing at their helm a demented frontwoman with much success, and way before Angela and the ARCH ENEMY's boys use the gimmick, HOLY MOSES were in a triumphing wake, they had fought one by one the preconceived ideas and under the early guidance of MEKONG DELTA's mastermind Ralph Hubert they invented back in the mid 80's a new alloy still magnetic and valid in 2014.

Today with a brand new efficient line up, the reinvigorated HOLY MOSES team is back with anger, the German Metal prophets are in the course of unleashing 45 Minutes of blistering energy and a load of aggression, using the still untarnished voracious qualities of Sabina who provide another incredible performance and display a collection of exceptional shrieks, and a real punkish attitude, fortunately musically it's pure Metal out of the best breed: dirty, raw & nasty. It's not old school or contemporary, this is powerful, untamed and hysterical in the genuine tradition of their original style, maybe even more impressive today mostly in compare with the polished world of the so call extreme Metal... sterilized and over produced.

The nice balance between the heritage and the uncompromised behavior is reflecting in the smart line of "Redefined Mayhem" which is revealed under the shape of a big slice of chaotic hatred. Developed in many different scales of offense, from hypnotic themes to tribal beats, from pure violence to smart song construction, from gang vocals choir to extremely hi-level / virtuoso parts, like when they displaying some amazing guitar work with insane precision in the riffage, hyper tight Teutonic rigor and furious intent. The duet "Undead Dogs" / "Into the Dark" is deadly, captivating, and quite technical, with subtle details and even a slight progressive feel in the structures that recall me a lot early CORONER. The pace is wild and in the perfect legacy of the primitive headbanging frenzy, the destructive spirit truly set in a reckless mode but the sonic production provided by Thomas Neich assisted by Peter Geltat is first class, their work is upgraded by the magical touch and mixing talent of studio guru Tue Madsen (WITCHERY / THE HAUNTED / DARK TRANQUILLITY) revealing a coherent modern edge.

They are still mavericks in a way or the other, HOLY MOSES sound is still corrosive, outrageous and highly subversive in rarely seen proportions, with this "Redefined Mayhem" they offer an ultimatum to humanity before apocalypse.

I guess that you perfectly get my drift by now... Buy or listen to fucking Bieber.

8 / 10


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"Redefined Mayhem" Track-listing:

1. Hellhound
2. Triggered
3. Undead Dogs
4. Into The Dark
5. Sacred Sorrows
6. Process Of Projection
7. Fading Realities
8. Liars
9. Redemption Of The Shattered
10. Whet The Knife
11. Delusion
12. One Step Ahead Of Death
13. This Dirt

Holy Moses Lineup:

Sabina Classen - Lead Vocals
Thomas Neitsch - Bass / Vocals
Gerd Lücking - Drums
Peter Geltat - Lead Guitars / Vocals

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