The Cardinal Number


HOLLOWMIND is a traditional Progressive Metal Trio, foremost established 1993 in São Paulo, Brazil...In 2007 […]
By YngwieViking
March 13, 2015
Hollowmind - The Cardinal Factor album cover

HOLLOWMIND is a traditional Progressive Metal Trio, foremost established 1993 in São Paulo, Brazil...In 2007 their first CD "Soundscape of Emotions" (Die Hard Records) was released, followed by some successful feedback, from their fans and by the Metal reviewers worldwide. Highly acclaimed and ranked in Roadie Crew Magazine's readers' poll as one of the 5 most promising metal acts in Brazil (2008), the group was also selected to play the local qualifying competition for 2009 Wacken Open Air.

In November 2014, their second album is released: "The Cardinal Factor" is a demanding concept, that deals with many hidden ideas about the symbology of cardinal numbers.

Once again the domestic release was an undeniable success, as a mere coincidence or as a divine sign, the release date falls exactly seven years after their debut, another fact that only strengthens the new album's concept: the numerology belief and its significance... Seven a magical number indeed! Musically it's a good mix between the Heavy Metal classic tag and the 70's Progressive Rock with influences ranging from FATES WARNING/QUEENSRYCHE to RUSH and even JETHRO TULL.

This is now time for my analysis, this review wasn't easy to write, as I experienced some contradictory feelings in the course of the numerous listening sessions. From the opening number "Nonsense of Belonging" to the final catharsis of "Over and Out" through "Under Fading lights " or the seventh song "A Momentary Lapse of Treason", the listener is guided through the meaning of strange assorted occult subjects, axioms theory such a the deepest symbolism of the human mathematics and cosmic digits!!!

I should admit that i have a soft spot for those musicians coming from Latin America, I always found their music fresh and enjoyable: DR SIN/SCELERATA/PASTORE/AGE OF ARTHEMIS/HANGAR or KATTAH and of course ANGRA are among my favorites bands ever.

However, if the high pitch voice, if the thick Progressive strive and the wise conceptual design is right up my alley, the whole album can't satisfy me totally as the intensity seems variable with some unfocused moments (the last part of "On the Wings Of  Ruin" or "Haven"), some interludes are regressing the dynamic and softened the sharp edge of this ambitious musical endeavours... So, it's like a bit hit and miss...Luckily some tracks as the first cut "Nonsense of Belonging" or "Bitter Words" are showing more determination to rock harder.

This album is a mixed bag of different sensations, from the exciting original uplifting concept to some almost boring moments... Like a broken logarithm or hermetical as the continuum hypothesis.

I must diminish the early rating, I had to retract some points but I believe that as a whole this recording "The Cardinal Factor" will be mostly regarded as a stimulating product for the curious Progster's minds.

7 / 10


"The Cardinal Number" Track-listing:

1. Nonsense of Belonging
2. Even Shares of Gold
3. Bitter Words
4. On The Wings of Ruin
5. The Crossing
6. Haven
7. Under Fading Lights
8. A Momentary Lapse of Treason
9. Ashes of Yesteryear
10. Over and Out

Hollowmind Lineup:

Roberto Gutierrez - Lead Vocals/Bass
Alexandre Silveira - Guitars
Felipe Gomes - Drums

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