HOLLENTOR is a Metal Project created by Glen Poland, with contributions from a host of […]
Hollentor - Divergency album cover

HOLLENTOR is a Metal Project created by Glen Poland, with contributions from a host of well-known special guests. The album has nine songs, and "Behind the Wall" is the first. The main riff is fairly heavy, and the bass work is solid. Vocal harmonies are also strong in the chorus, and the song has a longing quality to it. The title track is a little heavier, but the pace is still sort of slow. So far, however, the songs are making much of an impact on me. "Find the Light" has another dragging pace. The vocal work is decent but the pace of these songs really grounds the album from taking off.

"Judgement Day" is another basic song. Again, the vocals are decent but the riffs are old and tired, and the slow pace ensures the song will not get off the ground. "Kraken Awakens" is a bit heavier and more aggressive, but Glen really needs work on the basics of the rhythms. They are way too simple. "Lotus Eater" is another very slow grind. This album is stalling on many fronts, and is becoming painful to listen to at this point. "Seize the Day" finally has that change of pace I was talking about. The more energetic pace really allows this song to burn, although the riff is still based too much on open notes.

"Vikings Pride" has a bit of a rough edge to it, although again the pacing is too damn slow. The guitar harmonies are nice, however. "We are Chosen" closes the album. The pacing is still mid-tempo, and the riffs elementary. Overall, this album was pretty tough to listen to. The best part were the vocals, for sure, but even the lagged with overly lamenting tones too much. Too many slow songs and simple riffs really marred this album, however, and I was unable to find a memorable song. I don't want to insult the songwriter so I will just leave my review with these final words.

3 / 10









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"Divergency" Track-listing:

1. Behind The Wall
2. Divergency
3. Find the Light
4. Judgment Day
5. Kraken Awakens
6. Lotus Eater
7. Seize the Day
8. Vikings Pride
9. We Are Chosen

Hollentor Lineup:

Glen Poland

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