While Passion Lasts


Set the Flux Capacitor back to the 80’s Marty, we’re going back to a simpler time when music and partying were all that mattered….and maybe getting a little buzzed.
January 15, 2024

I usually like to start my reviews out with a little bio on the band to get the reader somewhat familiar with them, but in the case of HITTEN, despite my usual internet searches and even trying to contact the band directly, I came up short other than they were formed in Murcia, South East Spain in 2011, have released their fifth full-length album “While Passion Lasts” on November 24, 2023, describe their music as Metal, Life, Society, Rebellion, Partying and from the looks of their promo picture, are most definitely complimentary classic 80's Metal hot rods. So, with five albums released and very little social media info available, they’re either in the witness protection program or one helluva well-kept secret, although I’m pretty sure I know what lies ahead as I drop the needle down and get ready for huge power chords, spandex screams and down and dirty lyrics.

“While Passion Lasts” is exactly what I predicted, huge power chords, spandex screams and down and dirty lyrics, a true throwback to the classic 80’s and NWOBHM, not that I’m complaining because it’s done extremely well with the right balance of riffs and chops and the vocals of Alex Panza will have you thinking WARRANT, FIREHOUSE or CRIMSON GLORY, plus the song ends with this kick-ass rock and roll anthem lyric “don’t worry mama, it’s just a phase”. “Mr. Know it All” is another straight forward, crotch rock, sledgehammer rocking song with pedal-to-the-level rhythmic vibrations. Toying with but not quite crossing the “rock ballad” line on “Unholy Games” is a “lighters in the air” swaying to the beat frolicking all around good time velvety song. If this album were a poker game, they just went “all-in” on “Dark Stalker” delivering a darkened, muscular hard rocking balls out riff taking us out of the minivan into a Porsche with the top down, wind in our hair and bad intentions. “Truthful Lies” and ”Hold up the Night” both deliver a massive and relentless cacophony of galloping twin guitar riffs and melodic fills that definitely keep us in the fast lane bolstered by the sharp, precise cybernetic rhythm section, magnetic harmonies that had the speakers rattling, pictures falling off the walls and the police at my door.

Somebody get HITTEN a PR department please and alert the rock and roll world about them, these boys know how to rock. They pretty much hit on all cylinders. Alex Panza delivers his vocal approach with versatility, intensity and balls. The dual guitar battles between Daniel Meseguer and Johnny Lorca are dynamic and blazing and they a deliver classic, devouring vibe while immersing their own scintillating stamp on it, both musically and lyrically.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"While Passion Lasts" Track-listing:


1. Prelude to Passion

2. While Passion Lasts

3. Blood from a Stone

4. Mr. Know It All

5. Unholy Games

6. Dark Stalker

7. Truthful Lies

8. Hold up the Night

9. Where it all Begins

10. Crime Time

Hitten Lineup:


Horacio Rodriguez - bass

Daniel Meseguer - guitars

Johnny Lorca – guitars

Alex Panza - vocals

Willy Medina  - drums


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