Lost In Translation

Hit The Ground Runnin'

Sometimes things don't work out as expected. After reviewing the absolutely brilliant rerelease of the […]
By Metal Wim
July 4, 2022
Hit The Ground Runnin' - Lost In Translation album cover

Sometimes things don't work out as expected. After reviewing the absolutely brilliant rerelease of the superb 1989 HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN' album "Sudden Impact", (which did make just that on me,) I decided to ask my editors if I could have the honour to review their latest rerelease, called "Lost In Translation". To put it bluntly, let's just say that currently I regard the honour is very to be very questionable. I don't think I have ever been so disappointed in my life. At least not musically. Whereas "Sudden Impact" was a joyous and coherent album in sound and experience, making the title very apt and accurate, "Lost In Translation" is suffering the same feat. Only this time it is a negative one, as the music that comes through my headphones is all over the place.

This actually is an amalgamation of songs that have been recorded during thirty years of a musical career, but never saw the light of day before. well, there definitely was a very good reason for this. The most important one being that the music on offer just isn't good enough. It goes from AOR to Pop to Hard Rock, and even though there are eleven tunes to choose from, not one of them comes even close to the quality that HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN' had on "Sudden Impact". I honestly don't know how their other regular full length albums sound. I never listened to "Control Yourself" from 2001 or even "HGR" of 2007, but I can only hope they have more in common wit the 1989 superb album "Sudden Impact" than with this monstrosity.

I am truly sorry that I can't make a lot more of this release, and maybe I am being extremely harsh, but if a band is capable of giving us the beauty of "Sudden Impact" then HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN' must have realised that people would have to be thoroughly disappointed with a release like "Lost In Translation". They should at least have put a warning label on it, stating that this album is filled with pieces of notes strung together that bare trying to sound like songs. And that these are leftovers that were left in the vaults all these years. With very good reason. This is released on Pride and Joy Music. Well, guys, I really don't feel either when I try to listen to "Lost In Translation". HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN' has just fallen down, face first.

5 / 10









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"Lost In Translation" Track-listing:

1 Hallway Of Doors
2 Overnight Sensation
3 Bad Reputation
4 Simply Because
5 Second Chance
6 Wake You Up
7 Baby You
8 Win Or Lose
9 Rocking Again
10 Long And Lonely Time
11 Cry For The Children

Hit The Ground Runnin' Lineup:

Bass/Vocals - Paul Piccari
Vocals - Blair Rumsey
Drums/Vocals - Jimmy Katone
Guitar/Vocals - Alan Augunas
Keyboards/Vocals - Rob Kay

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