The Way Out Of Hell

Hiss From The Moat

"The Way Out of Hell" is the third album by Italian black metal band, HISS […]
By Ashley O'Brien
January 20, 2023
Hiss From The Moat - The Way Out of Hell album cover

"The Way Out of Hell" is the third album by Italian black metal band, HISS FROM THE MOAT. A remarkable album, the band has returned with unrelenting intensity and incredible musicality; this album delivers for any fan of extreme metal.

This album has all the hallmarks of every great black metal band- hard and fast guitar riffs, brutal and deep unclean vocals, intense melodies, and fast, heavy drums. The drumming on the album is so phenomenal, however, that it needs to be addressed first and foremost. With so many black metal bands, a near-constant stream of double bass drumming almost blends together so much it drowns out the percussions. And James Payne delivers a lot of double bass drumming throughout the album, but he often does much more, punctuating and accentuating the songs in exciting and profound ways. It's no surprise that "The Way Out of Hell" was listed for excellent drumming on a 2022 album by Sick Drummers online magazine. The drumming on the album really needs to be heard and appreciated.

Opening on the title track, "The Way Out of Hell," has a particular drumline feel, very aggressive, almost militaristic. This incredible song also features a fantastic chorus, incredible breakdown, and great vocals. It might be the catchiest song on the album. Speaking of killing it with drumming, the album's first song, "The Killing of Innocence," might be the highlight of the album, especially for fans of that very heavy, intense metal. The drums on this song are insane - it takes metal to a whole new level.

Alternatively, "Bury Me" could be the album's sleeper hit. Breaking open with the soulful wailing one might associate with a slow Gojira song, this song jumps out right away with haunting guitar riffs that are dark but melodic, until the song gives way to traditional extreme metal. In between the verses, the mournful melody comes back better than ever. Finally, towards the end of the song, the band doubles down, layering vocals into a powerful voice.

The album is full of headbangers. "A Gallows of Mirrors" features gorgeous chord progressions and great intensity. "All I Have" comes in hot and never stops. "The Magnificent Vision" has a chorus that will pull listeners right in, drums that will get you moving, and a great breakdown.

Fans of Black Metal will enjoy the intensity of the music, the creativity of the drums, the depth and clarity of throaty, growling vocals, and well-done guitar solos. This album is an absolute treat.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Way Out Of Hell" Track-listing:

1. The Way Out of Hell
2. I am The Deceived
3. Staring At the Abyss
4. Generation of Cowardice
5. The Killing of Innocence
6. Bury Me
7. All I Have
8. A Gallows of Mirrors
9. The Magnificent Vision

Hiss From The Moat Lineup:

Max Cirelli - vocal, guitar
Jack Poli - guitar
Carlo Cremascoli - bass
James Payne - drums

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