Raging Violence (Reissue)


Reissues seem to be the order of the day in this day and age. Now […]
By MetalWim
April 18, 2023
Hirax - Raging Violence (Reissue) album cover

Reissues seem to be the order of the day in this day and age. Now we've got the mighty HIRAX rereleasing their first two albums. This one, "Raging Violence", is their debut album, originally let loose onto a very unsuspecting audience in 1985. That was the time that Thrash Metal was making it big, but for some reason or other HIRAX never made it to the Big League. Once you start listening to their music, it becomes very obvious why this is the case. Under the watchful eyes and ears of founder and artistical father Katon W. De Pena, the band didn't just play Thrash as the others did.

HIRAX were (and still are) a lot more chaotic, anarchistic and in your face than your regular Thrash Metal band. But then again, I would class this as a Crossover between Thrash Metal and Hardcore Punk, making the market for afficionados a lot smaller, but probably a lot more sincere. When it was first thrown unto my path, the music of HIRAX was always alright, never special or outstanding. The reason was that I needed (and still need) some form of organization, proper compartmentalisation. Other crossover bands, like DRI and Suicidal Tendencies, provided me with that, so my Metal brain could comprehend what was going on. HIRAX just blew my mind in such a way that I couldn't cope.

Now, being some 38 years more experienced, I have learned to appreciate the traits of HIRAX a lot more, which results in me enjoying the music on "Raging Violence" with a big smile on my face. I know, maybe I'm slow, but hey, at least I got there. In the 30 minutes that HIRAX need to blast these 15 gems through my stereo into my ears I can only say that if you really want to let loose, of you  are willing to let all your inhibitions go and thrash around like a maniac, "Raging Violence" is the perfect vehicle to do so. The songs are short and sweet, with a proper punchline and like I said, very much in your face. So, for those who haven't experienced anything like HIRAX before; just consider how it would feel if someone took a sledgehammer and started bashing you on your head for half an hour on end. If you enjoy that, go ahead, get yourself some HIRAX and let the "Raging Violence" come to you.

8 / 10









"Raging Violence (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1 Demons-Evil Forces
2 Blitzkrieg Air Attack
3 Guardian Protector
4 Bombs Of Death
5 Defeat Of Amalek
6 Raging Violence
7 Call Of The Gods
8 Warlords Command
9 Suicide
10 Executed
11 The Gauntlet
12 Destruction And Terror
13 Destroy
14 Bloodbath
15 Untitled (Hidden Track)

Hirax Lineup:

Neil Metcalf - Guitars (current)
Scott Owen - Guitars (on original album)
Chris Aguirre II - Bass (current)
Gary Monardo - Bass (on original album)
Danny Walker - Drums (current)
John Tabares - Drums (on original album)
Katon W. De Pena - Vocals

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