Immortal Legacy


Metalheads unite, because HIRAX are not dead yet! They are back to thrash and destroy, […]
By Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco
February 10, 2014
Hirax - Immortal Legacy album cover

Metalheads unite, because HIRAX are not dead yet! They are back to thrash and destroy, and just kill, and kill again. The horrified world will burn, as the black smoke rises, and the raging violence of action ensues. Like a Hellion rising from the depths - dropping sonic bombs of death - Katon and company are here to ensure their immortal legacy, with a whiplash smile. Today is the the day of wrath, so suffer and be prepared to stare into the face of El Dialo Negro, as another new age of terror, hate, fear, and power ensnares us.

Like a blitzkrieg air attack, led by founding member Katon W. De Pena, following the warlord's command, HIRAX have endured in one form or another for well over three decades. These Thrash Metal assassins of war have been consistently delivering their brutal barrage of noise to the stage diving world. Ready to eradicate mankind with their fifth full-length, now singed to SPV, "Immortal Legacy" is well worth the weight. Replete with diverse burnt offerings, and rife with HIRAX hooks by Lance Harrison and featuring guest guitar solos by the likes of Jim Durkin, Juan Garcia, and Rocky George, this new epoch of chaos and brutality should satisfy even the most die hard.

Nigh five years past, their previous effort "El Rostro De La Muerte (The Face Of Death)" was damn good too, as it was represented by the fleshed out and bloody assault of guitarist Glenn Rogers from VENGEANCE RISING, VIKING and HERETIC. After his departure, Mike Guerrero joined the fold, but he is not listed in the press sheet, so I assume Lance is now handling all louder than hell guitar duties, elevated by his younger brother on bass, and the battery of neck breaking drumming by Jorge Iacobellis.

Straight out the gate, "Black Smoke" burns with an ignited alacrity, sending out all the right signals. The demon evil forces and sirens are calling! Next up, "Hellion Rising" reprises all the kill switch insanity one would expect from HIRAX. Unleash the dogs of War! "Tied To The Gallows" never leaves you hanging in the balance with its pounding cadence. "Deceiver" heeds its death militia damage call. Evidently the prodigal sons have returned. The mouth of the beast roars with the lightning and thunderous pace of the title track, one of Katon's personal favorites. The retaliatory strike felt by "Violence Of Action", verifies that we are all still at war.  The instrumental "Atlantis" - mostly a bass solo similar to the opening of "Fade To Insanity" on VENDETTA's "Brain Damage", and borrowing heavily from "Jesu (Joy Of Man's Desiring)" by Bach - sets the pace for the odd closer: "The World Will Burn", a brief but solid mettle affair.

The only non-old-school element, now relinquished due to age and the wear and tear from years of touring, is those piercing highs Katon once executed when he would raise the gauntlet, summoning the Metal Gods with his banshee call; for then he would wildly scream with a raging violence, unprecedented by any African American in the mettle milieu.

Another important consideration to not be overlooked is the production by legendary Bill Metoyer who worked with the band back in the day on their debut and (EP). Another key note is that the guardian protector of hostile territory cover art was drawn by renowned Noise Records album artist Philip Lawvere. He apparently has come out retirement to create his first oil painting in 25 years.

Do not allow yourself to be imprisoned by ignorance. To not appreciate this, is to slit your own wrists. It would be criminal to not celebrate the punishment HIRAX dole out on this bloodbath of destruction and terror. For by this very baptism by fire they secure their "Immortal Legacy". This vicious invasion on the senses is living proof that Thrash binds and lives on in the mettle hearts of the faithful!

8 / 10


"Immortal Legacy" Track-listing:

1. Black Smoke
2. Hellion Rising
3. Victims Of The Dead
4. Thunder Roar, The Conquest, La Boca De La Beastia - The Mouth Of The Beast
5. Earthshaker (Instrumental)
6. Tied To The Gallows Pole
7. Deceiver
8. Immortal Legacy
9. S.O.W.
10. Violence Of Action
11. Atlantis (Journey to Atlantis) (Instrumental)
12. The World Will Burn

Hirax Lineup:

Katon W. De Pena - Vocals
Lance "Shred Baron" Harrison - Guitars
Steve Harrison - Bass
Jorge Iacobellis - Drums

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