Hate, Fear and Power (Reissue)


In another review I am describing the 1985 debut album of HIRAX, "Raging Violence", which […]
By MetalWim
April 18, 2023
Hirax - Hate

In another review I am describing the 1985 debut album of HIRAX, "Raging Violence", which has been rereleased together with this one, "Hate, Fear and Power",  which actually hails from 1986. As we are talking about the time very shortly after the start of the band, 1984, you will understand that there is an evolution in there to be analysed. Although I'd rather call in undergone. When it boils down to the wire, there's not much difference between the two when it comes to the length (or if you will, shortness) of the songs, as these eight musical bombs only dd up to some 16 minutes of attempting to destroy and thrash the room you are in whilst listening to the bombardment of sounds and incoming slugs of Crossover Thrash Punk Hardcore Metal amalgamation.

Where the difference between the two albums is more apt is in the quality of the songs. You can definitely hear that the band has grown since the debut, as every tune has a little more depth, a more solid body, and even a small amount of organization, enough for me to allow a bit of compartmentalisation. Plus, the overall sound is just that little more solid, making the listening experience just a tad more pleasing. At least, to my ears.

As to the reason of a rerelease, the only thing I can think of is the fact that the band are still going, and it must be becoming a lot more challenging for the new and/or current fans to get hold of the original albums for a normal price. If that is the case, I am all for bringing the old stuff back to life. I am at least eternally grateful that the overall feel of both albums has remained intact. It hasn't been spruced up to sound a lot more modern, a lot more sophisticated, or even a lot fuller than the original recordings. Thankfully so, if you ask me. This means this still sounds like HIRAX sounded in the eighties, making the sixteen minutes of bliss provided by "Hate, Fear and Power" a very authentic experience. That is something a lot more bands should realise. We loved you then and the way you sounded, so why do you need to change it. And if you do, be subtle. HIRAX has been, making "Hate, Fear and Power" into a pleasant blast of old fresh air.

8 / 10









"Hate, Fear and Power (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1 Hate, Fear And Power
2 Blind Faith
3 Unholy Sacrifice
4 Lightning Thunder
5 The Last War
6 The Plague
7 Imprisoned By Ignorance
8 Criminal Punishment

Hirax Lineup:

Neil Metcalf - Guitars (current)
Scott Owen - Guitars (on original album)
Chris Aguirre II - Bass (current)
Gary Monardo - Bass (on original album)
Danny Walker - Drums (current)
Eric Brecht - Drums (on original album)
Katon W. De Pena - Vocals

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