Safe On The Other Side

High Spirits

So, if guys that play instruments get all the chicks, what does the guy that plays ALL the instruments get? Think about that because HIGH SPIRITS is a one-man musical extravaganza that does just that.
January 21, 2024


Hip Hip Hooray, pop the champagne, my very first review from an artist from my home town, The Windy City, Chicago, Illinois. HIGH SPIRITS formed in 2009 has released their fifth full-length album “Safe On The Other Side” on November 24, 2023, with all the instruments, vocals, writing and producing provided by Chris “The Professor” Black. Identified as high-energy rock and emphasizing denim and leather classic melodies paired with impassioned lyrics portraying lifelike blend of emotions. Not to be labeled a “studio rat” Chris has toured constantly spanning the United States, Canada, England, and mainland Europe including such notable festivals as Party-San Open Air in Germany, Heavy Metal Thunder in the Czech Republic, Pyrenean Warriors Open Air in France, and Hell’s Heroes in Texas. The band’s experiences on the road (and in the air) were chronicled on the semiautobiographical album "Motivator” in 2016.

Opening with "In The Moonlight" sets the indelible, catchy tone set with the warmly amicable feel aided by clean and crisp, hearty mid-range tempo producing a playful and succulent riff all brought sagely together as the vocals cozily snuggle in. “Lonely Nights” is a little bit more subdued than the first two tracks with a turned down melody and deepened vocals over a melodic terrain. “One Day Closer” and Anything You Need” both bring in the retro-rock vibe with more aggressive riffs and hook driven licks as the celestial vocals take center stage backed by a nicely balanced melody that compliments without being over the top or harsh. I wouldn’t call “Please Don't Leave Me Behind” a rock ballad maybe a rock waltz is a better fit with the grooving beat and cavorting tempo. “Memories” and “Good Night” end this diversly enjoyable album with high energy, upbeat rhythmic with a dynamic harder, metallic edge.

“Safe On The Other Side” is a wonderfully crafted album created by a one-man musical machine. Strong hooks, dynamic guitar, both riffs and solos, solid and bold backing drums and bass, a nicely balanced sound, all fused together with no musical elements or vocals overpowering each other, it’s like the band all share the same brain….oh yeah, they do.


8 / 10









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"Safe On The Other Side" Track-listing:


1. In the Moonlight

2. Til the End of Time

3. Lonely Nights

4. One Day Closer

5. Anything You Need

6. (There Will Be) Magic Tonight

7. Loving You

8. Please Don't Leave Me Behind

9. Memories

10. Good Night


High Spirits Lineup:


Chris Black – all instruments, all vocals


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