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HEY ZEUSis an American heavy-rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts. This popular, local quartet released "X"in […]
By Kimzi (Pixel Dreams)
March 11, 2019
Hey Zeus - X album cover

HEY ZEUSis an American heavy-rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts. This popular, local quartet released "X"in early February and it is clear this band is having fun. Guitarist, Pete Knipfingand drummer, Todd Bowmanhave worked together before in the stoner rock band, LAMONTand Knipfingis well versed in Rock, Death Metal, Punk and Rockabilly guitar styles to name a few. Brice Nathan is a perfect match for this project and he also recorded, mixed and produced this maiden release. When researching HEY ZEUS, I kept finding links to the band, X and their seventh release titled, "hey Zeus!" and I would love to hear their take on that.

"These Eyes"gets things moving with a classic, heavy rock jam and I really dig Cmar's big bass line exchanging with shredding riffs that feed off one another after the first half of this song. Bowmanenters the exchange and an instrumental conversation between the three unfolds as they move into their popular single, "Richard the Elder"; another rocker that adds some rockabilly flare from guitarist,Pete Knipfing"I Don't Want It"and "Gilded"reminded me of my glory days in the 90's, rocking out to THE OFFSPRINGand SOCIAL DISTORTION. Simple, cohesive American rock is great for driving, head banging and air guitar. Eruptions of heavy-handed bass playing in tow with a wailing, rock guitar are no stranger to this genre, but HEY ZEUSowns it! "Caveman"hammers a heavier side and, although Bice Nathan's vocals are on point for this entire release, I really dig it here. This track was where it was at for me. All pistons are firing and heads will roll so hold onto your beer! "Bloodsucker", a DEEP PURPLEcover is pretty straight on, but "Deep Purple In Rock", is a fantastic album so I appreciate the homage. Bringing us home on this 29-minute release is another meaty rocker, "Queens". Although on the shorter side of a release, I am totally cool with the length.

HEY ZEUSseems to have a mission: have fun and create music that will allow others to do the same. Their sound invites the listener to leave all the bullshit behind and just throw down for a while. When catchy, well-composed rhythms and riffs with the footwork to back it arises from a technically, sound rock band, it is a wonderful thing. With "X", the listeners do not have to work for it nor earn it; it is simply bestowed upon them. Bands like HEY ZEUSbless their fans with the gift of decompression; we all need a break from the heaviness of reality. Throw "X"in on the ride home, crank it up and rock out the minutia. I suspect a live performance is really where it's at with HEY ZEUS. It seems for them, it isn't just about creating their music; it is about creating an experience for their fans and for themselves. I will be sure to check them out when the opportunity arises.<

7 / 10









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"X" Track-listing:

1. These Eyes
2. Richard the Elder
3. I Don't Want It
4. X Marks the Rock
5. Gilded
6. Save Your
7. Caveman
8. Bloodsucker
9. Queens

Hey Zeus Lineup:

Bice Nathan - Vocals
Pete Knipfing - Guitars
Ken Cmar - Bass
Todd Bowman - Drums

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