HERZLOS is a German band from the Kaiserslautern region that sings only in German. Formed […]
By Kevin Lewis
January 18, 2021
Herzlos - Babylon album cover

HERZLOS is a German band from the Kaiserslautern region that sings only in German. Formed in 2008, they have gathered a following in Germany and have achieved chart success there. Babylon is their seventh release and will hit the market on January 29, 2021 via Metalville Records.

HERZLOS is a multi-faceted band that incorporates elements of Punk, Power, Heavy and Thrash Metal. The album starts off with "Babylon", a four-and-a-half-minute ripper that begins with spoken word and subdued guitar/bass work before kicking off and hitting a killer rhythm. The guitar work is excellent and the backing vocals (more like chants) really beef up the song. The run through the solos is fast and tight. Accuracy is a hallmark of this group.

"Influencer" starts with some interesting guitar tones and a sludgy feel. The song doesn't just rocket off from the intro, more like it builds on the initial vibe and maintains the rhythm through the rest of the song. The doomy feeling in this song really fits the vocalists' gritty delivery. Not growls, but definitely rough and throaty.

"Radiotauglich" has a full-on Punk sound with everything from the guitar rhythms to the vocal delivery. This is a song that feels like it fits in the late-70s with a modern production. It feels like a genuine Punk revival. Translated, "Radiotauglich" means "radio friendly", which the song is not, unless you are listening to a specific station. This won't make the US radio charts, but then again, the song isn't written for a US specific audience, so I don't think HERZLOS will be too worried about that. I bet their fans LOVE it!

"Antiserum" is a single that leans more into the heavy metal, almost thrashy end of the band's repertoire. The guitar work is very good and the rhythm section not only keeps up, they provide excellent support for the song, proving this band can play in multiple genres without any loss of skill or quality.

"Taub, Stumm, Blind" (translated as "Deaf, Dumb, Blind") is another of those songs that has a bit of punk attitude, but is a heavier offering than "Radiotauglich". The effortless crossing and blending of musical styles are impressive. There is no single label that fits HERZLOS.

The ability of this band to go wherever they want musically makes them an outlier in many ways. They have a wide range of skill sets that give them a variety of sounds to choose from, unlike a lot of groups that sound the same all the time. The guitars can go from dark, eerie tones delivered in a slow cadence to dual assault thrash sounds. The drums go from standard patterns to rapid-fire in mothing flat. The bass provides everything from sludgy undertones to full-speed gallops.

HERZLOS is a fairly rare band that can do a lot more than just rock, thrash, or power their way through songs. They can do all of that and from one song to the next and never miss a beat. This is a well-produced record with a lot to love on it.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Babylon" Track-listing:

1. Babylon
2. Treibstoff Deiner Träume
3. Influencer
4. Beiß mich!
5. Radiotauglich
6. Antiserum
7. Die Nacht Ist Mein Grabstein (Feat. Gorrest Fumb)
8. Auf Dich Und Dein Leben
9. Seuche Oder Segen
10. Taub, Stumm, Blind
11. Viel Länger Tot

Herzlos Lineup:

Marvin - Vocals
Andrew - Guitar/Vocals
Rixx - Guitar
Alex - Drums
Olla - Bass

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