Death Metal Drunks


The Croatian Death 'N' Roll group HEREZA have struck again with their new album "Death […]
By Liam Easley
June 24, 2019
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The Croatian Death 'N' Roll group HEREZA have struck again with their new album "Death Metal Drunks", an album full of both expectations and surprises. As a Death 'N' Roll album, it is expected to hear a lot of D-beats and basic riffing, and there is plenty of that on here. However, the unpredictable and even bizarre moments are the ones that outnumber the dull ones.

For starters, HEREZA love to hit their listeners with heavy grooves and infectious rhythms. "Rak n'Roll" is just one of many examples on this album alone. The song finishes with an almost Slam-like riff that is heavy as it is unexpected. "Stupid Spoiled Whore" showcases an intense groove hallway through that makes a reappearance later in the song. The heaviness implemented into the music gives the band a whole new dimension beyond the boundaries of Death 'N' Roll.

"Necrobitch, Cowgirl from the Morgue" is one of the more experimental songs on the record, featuring an interesting intro that sheds light on the story of the song itself. The song then delves into basic riffing before reaching its climax. I cannot seem to find a way to describe the sound in a way that sounds positive, but what happens at this climactic point is truly worthwhile.

Outside of the groove-laden and the experimental are the riff-laden steamrollers like "Back from the Grave" and "Do kosti bez milosti" that drive the album in a more aggressive way. "Death Metal Drunks" and "Dullahan" are essentially MOTÖRHEAD if they went Death Metal. As a whole, the latest offering from HEREZA is a very refreshing surprise. If there is one thing wrong with the album, it is that some of the songs tend to get boring because of their lack of deviation from normal Death 'N' Roll. However, some sanity is needed among the chaos. If you like something different coming through your speakers every now and then, I highly recommend this.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Death Metal Drunks" Track-listing:

1. Back from the Grave
2. Genocid
3. Kopam oči, režem jezik, prste, nos i uši
4. Death Metal Drunks
5. Rak n'Roll
6. Dullahan
7. Do kosti bez milosti
8. Beneath the Wheels of Death
9. Necrobitch, Cowgirl from the Morgue
10. Stupid Spoiled Whore
11. Monstrum

Hereza Lineup:

Slobodan Stupar - Guitars, Backing Vocals, Bass
Ivan Kovačević - Lead Vocals
Conny Pettersson - Drums
Adrie Kloosterwaard - Vocals (track 1)
Igor Buljin - Vocals (track 3)
Aleister Kainulainen - Vocals (track 6)

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