Scream For Action

Hercules Propaganda

Well then... I'd like to begin this article with an expression of confusion as to […]
By Rodrigo Hidalgo
April 1, 2015
Hercules Propaganda - Scream For Action album cover

Well then... I'd like to begin this article with an expression of confusion as to what i just heard. I've got a hunch that this band is one of those bands who spend their money on making an album they don't want people to really take them seriously. Today I'll be reviewing a three piece rock 'n' roll/70s Rock outfit that originate from the lands of Jena, Germany. They've been around since late 2009 and have been going at it since playing shows all over the German metal scene and releasing an EP in 2011 titled "O Mother Of A Mighty Muscle" which was just a small time CD that happened to get a lot of attention bringing them some face and now a new album called "Scream For Action" That's dropping early this year.

My first thought when listening to the very first track titled "We Gonna Rock Together" is that it sounds like a strange mix of THE DATSUNS crossed with TURBONEGRO, In the garage. Only A fool would would say that these cats can't write music though, I found myself singing the chorus out loud as I was cooking after a few listens. "WE GONNA ROCK TOGETHER!!". This 4 and a half minute song Is the kind of song in which you can't take seriously nor stand the recording quality but it'll get you off your seat and make you dance around the room in your underwear, which I totally didn't do for the record. Just by listening to this song you know immediately that it's going to be a party Rock LP, which isn't a bad thing if it's done right.

The party Rock anthems continue on for another three tracks then slows down for a Rock ballad-esque song called "A Certain Way" which I think is a pretty cool song, the vocals have this effect on and it makes him sound like he's stuck in a bathroom but it somehow fits so well. The song starts with a few minor guitar chords played by each string on an acoustic guitar which is a huge step from the party rock-n-roll jams. 4 bars in and the vocals come in then followed by some drum marches then later on the full drum kit, I actually enjoy this 8 minute song, but the only problem I had with this repetitiveness which is a musical characteristic I found quite a lot in this album.

None the less, the experience of listening to this album and not dancing around my living room in my underwear was a lot of fun and I truly recommend people who like their party Rock, 70's or 80's, or even just some simple good old Rock 'n' Roll.

Overall I'd give this album a heavy, solid 6/10 just because I got thrown off a bit with the recording quality and that fact I can't really take them seriously. Maybe that was their intention? Nonetheless I had mixed feelings.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Scream For Action" Track-listing:

1. We Gonna Rock Together
2. Steamhammer
3. Scream For Action
4. A Certain Way
5. Milkshake Lady
6. On My Way
7. Cara
8. Goathouse Blues
9. Oh Baby Yeah

Hercules Propaganda Lineup:

Fritze - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Acki - Bass, Background Vocals
Andi - Drums, Background Vocals

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