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Edge Of Life

Hercules Morse

Hey you, you like riffs? You like fuzzy, played-through-a-bass-amp power chords reverberating through your entire […]
By Tim Bolitho-Jones
March 15, 2016
Hercules Morse - Edge Of Life album cover

Hey you, you like riffs? You like fuzzy, played-through-a-bass-amp power chords reverberating through your entire house? You like cranking up some QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, lighting up a fat blunt and blissing out? Well drugs are bad m'kay and you should get a job, clean the ashes from your beard and stop using your flatmate's DVDs to roll up on. But before you do that, give this groovy EP from HERCULES MORSE a spin. It's a party man, a fuckin' party.

Formed from the ashes of their former band BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH, HERCULES MORSE are the kind of band who can transport anyone across the world into an open-top Mustang cruising down an empty Nevada highway. They're a good old fashioned Rock N' Roll band imbued with the spirit of CLUTCH, KYUSS and generations of Blues musicians and they hail from...Southampton. No really, this bunch of whiskey soaked, reverb peddling rockers haven't crawled from the Tennessee main street or the Arizona desert, they come from a port town on the coast of England.

No matter though because HERCULES MORSE clearly love guitar music and this EP is ace. "Edge Of Life" is consistently upbeat and is enjoyable throughout, bar the rose-tinted misstep of "Good Old Days." Straight up rockers like "The Education" and the title track contrast nicely with the heady atmospherics of "All About Me," which escalates from tripped-out ambience into a manic guitar solo.

The best is saved for the end however as the closing duo of "Nowhere Left To Go" and "How Do You Love Me" are the best on offer. They might have the sort of titles normally associated with shoe-gazing Emo types, but these are bruising leather-jacketed rockers and cooler than Josh Homme flying the Millennium Falcon with Hunter S. Thompson as the co-pilot. Plug them in, sink low in that armchair and watch the walls melt baby.

7 / 10









"Edge Of Life" Track-listing:
  1. The Education
  2. Edge Of Life
  3. Good Old Days
  4. All About Me
  5. Nowhere Left To Go
  6. How Do You Love Me?
Hercules Morse Lineup:

Steve George - Guitar, Vocals
Harry Gardner - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paul Shott - Bass
Guillaume "Gizmo" Redonnet-Brown - Drums

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