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To be Forgotten


From Bandcamp, "HELVE is a Post-Metal/Doom band based in Leeds UK. They incorporate the heavier […]
September 8, 2023
Helve - To be Forgotten album cover

From Bandcamp, "HELVE is a Post-Metal/Doom band based in Leeds UK. They incorporate the heavier elements of Sludge/Doom genres mixed with more ambient/soundscapes. Their first full-length album "To be Forgotten," has been a labor of love to try and encapsulate the live sound and feel they have honed over the years. There is a strong emotional feel to the lyric content, drawing on personal experiences accompanied by carefully constructed music that rises and falls to create a journey." The album has four songs.

"Dark Clouds" is first. It eases in, with smooth and sorrowful tones, gradually adding layers. Even without a lot of sonority, you can feel the pain deep inside. Soft moans augment the sound, and drive the knife deeper into your stomach. A crunchy guitar riff closes the song, with harsh vocals, as the sorrow turns to anger. "Guns Heal the Sick" is perhaps a statement on the sickness of gun nuts. It is much more anguished out of the gates, with a low and fuzzy guitar distortion, and gut-wrenching vocal screams. This song is more close to pure Doom Metal.

"The Bones of Giants" features more Post Rock sounds. The simple melody in the guitar riff is quite memorable. When I think of finding bones of giants, I am left with a feeling of both sorrow and awe. Soon enough, that feeling of awe turns black, with the addition of harsh vocals. "Teeth" closes the album...and it's a 20 minute beast of a song. It's angry and depressive out of the gates. Around the seven minute mark, the sound retreats to clean, doleful guitars. But the grind returns. From there it waxes and wanes a few times, to complete the journey of emotions.

Overall, as advertised, this was more than just a Doom or even a Post Metal album. They take you on a roller coaster ride through all of your fears, insecurities, and even self-loathing. A word of warning, however...don't give them your dollar and take the ride haphazardly. You might not come out of it the same person you were when you stepped onto the ride.

8 / 10









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"To be Forgotten" Track-listing:

1. Dark Clouds
2. Guns Heal the Sick
3. The Bones of Giants
4. Teeth

Helve Lineup:

Jay - Vocals
Joel - Guitars, Vocals
Andi - Guitars
Przemek - Bass
Martin - Drums

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