Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: HELLSMOKE; signed via "Pride & […]
November 3, 2020
Hellsmoke - 2020 album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: HELLSMOKE; signed via "Pride & Joy Music" hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Hard Rock/Metal, on their debut album entitled "2020" (released 16th of October, 2020).

Since formation in 2019; the quintet in question have only this here debut album in their discography so far entitled: "2020". 10 tracks ranging at around... 41:17, HELLSMOKE arranges an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Hard Rock/Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with this symbolic but hellish yet uproarious shred within the "Devil's Train"; HELLSMOKE rip & tear with some blistering adrenaline while this surge of some amplified but distorted grinds into a gnarly fabrication that thunders with monstrously meaty manifestations while rumbling with reverberating grooves in which revel with rhythmically storming onslaughts. Tempestuously bulldozing into a barrage frenzy in wildly rushing sturdiness, solidifying this heavy as hell deadliness in which showcases this chiselling attribute in weighty tightness & punchy jumpiness. Arming a brimming flamboyance in crunchy chunkiness where the vocals soar with clean but high-pitched roars, while the instrumentation continuously creates this razor-sharp synergy that savagely showcases this rawly rough foundation in borderline firepower and drilling expertise.

Consisting of Rimbert Vahlström on vocals; the frontman excels at an immaculate but hardened attribute in screaming throatiness, sometimes raspy but a lot of the time they yell with profusely robust singing stability. Harnessing a detailed embellishment in catchy lyricism, and bellowing barks that unleash this piercing momentum on quintessential virtuosity while ruthless pandemonium overtakes you with a healthy dose of some mighty songwriting musicianship equalities. "Black Sun Rising" starts off with this strong riff until a ballady-esquire element implements acoustic experimentation until more rapidly swift nimbleness supplies this organic overdose of sonic seamlessness & quirky snappiness, relentlessly skyrocketing with killer laceration finesse from guitar attackers Christofer Dahlman & Michael Åkesson, both bludgeon speakers with twinning substance... trailblazing with rampant vehemence that meticulously utilize rebellious redneck chugs immensely while pummelling with frolicking gallops for headbanging intensity...while merging mellifluous euphony for good measure.

"Rest When You're Dead" begins with these gang cords; advancing into a groove-bomb calamity, converging grungy harmonies where venomous thumpiness injects infectious bass audibility from Jörgen Löfberg, salubrious stampeding pile-drives with persevering persistence on melodic choruses and beefy hymns... While striking with rompy pursuits & groundbreaking density crafting a primitively scattering snare as it's all extremely loud where the Rock/Metal culmination is a perfectly spot on representation here as rugged sound production professionalism spellbinds souls with upbeat panache. A fiendishly rambunctious maelstrom portrays a dexterously dynamic bombardment, in which rattles skulls with stompy yet steely precision. "Nowhereland" distils a fluidly polished progression on tenaciously technical remedies, building into a wicked sensation on yet another ballad like essence, intertwining a powerful rift with uniquely phenomenal panache & distinctively distinguishing tempos with monolithic grit.

Powerhouse drummer Roger Landin crushes and hammers his set with slamming explosions, almost blast-beat territory yet all instruments integrate a hybrid dimension on mayhem & high-octane velocity. "Hellcome To The Badland" invites an almost electronica-fused guitar strum, until bringing back forth empowering kicks, screeching solos and impactful enthusiasm in which oscillates with volatile zest. Mandatory smacks subjugates you while possessing you to break chairs over other chairs in a maddening yet throttling free for all, exercising concrete tempos that maliciously blows brains incredibly. "Raise Your Fist" & "Hell Adrenaline" are typically 2 bombing crowd-pleasers, both construct captivating motivation where one can imagine audiences going crazy. The latter is fuelled with this overkill motoring, expect berserking energy while this neck breaking contingency belts you with bruising fuzziness & clobbering consistency.

"Common Man" begins with this wild west type pub-related standoff; until more devilish gruntiness stops that motion with chaotic havoc, a full driving force on sonorous yet vibrantly quaking skill resulting with adventurously ambitious rifts & rich vibrato patterns that flow into a resounding yet pulsating flair... hinting at sludgy smotherings here and there. The penultimate track "Bad Motor Breath" is an aggressive clash on nitro-speed resonance, revolved around a sing-along strife that marvels with groundbreaking complexities & while outbursting massive slayings that will most surely give a blinding boost to your listening experience. Tires ruin the tarmac, revved on overdrive & put the pedal to the mettle like high-speed dirt. Overall concluding "2020" with the finale epic: "Nitro Woman" which corks it with titanic proportions, and another fan-favourite...I am compelled to say that HELLSMOKE inhaled and breathed out this exceptional deliverance of some turbocharged brutality. Outdoing themselves brilliantly, I can't help but say that this is likely one of my favourite discoveries of this year as bleak as it is...I am very pleased with this offering...as it will surely keep you and me going.

Bottom line; everything about this record most certainly describes the juxtaposed transition wholeheartedly, and I personally will certify in it being an album of the year contender. Expect an enjoyably entertaining slab of thick yet filthy dirtiness, and grimy Rock/Metal anarchy tenfold, a brilliantly engaging establishment that makes me want to replay this splendid record over & over. An exceptional recording that most surely deserves a listen or 10, play on 11 too... it's a metal meltdown just waiting to be rocked to! Nice job, lads. A debut of masterclass material with no doubt in my mind! Rock on.

10 / 10









"2020" Track-listing:

1. Devils Train
2. Black Sun Rising
3. Rest When You're Dead
4. Nowhereland
5. Hellcome to the Badland
6. Raise Your Fist
7. Hell Adrenaline
8. Common Man
9. Bad Motor Breath
10. Nitro Woman

Hellsmoke Lineup:

Rimbert Vahlström - Vocals
Christofer Dahlman - Guitars
Michael Åkesson - Guitars
Jörgen Löfberg - Bass
Roger Landin - Drums

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