Hell's Addiction

If the glory days of Rock n Roll are going to make a comeback, it's […]
By Jeff Legg
March 31, 2019
Hell's Addiction - V1.0 album cover

If the glory days of Rock n Roll are going to make a comeback, it's going to take a culture change among the younger generation's musical interests and a crusade, rich with bands like HELL'S ADDICTION, leading the movement. By infusing vintage Sunset Strip era influences into their music, this immensely talented band has already begun bridging the gap between what once was, and what should be. Hailing from Leicester, this five-piece band's sound fits somewhere between L.A. GUNS and MOTLEY CRUE, and would have surely afforded their music platinum status in the 80's and/or 90's. And because the vintage "Hair Metal" sound is trending upward as of late, the release of their EP, V1.0, is perfect timing.

It would be easy for a newer band trying to make a name for itself to follow the path of least resistance and fashion their sound to fit into one of the trendy "flavor of the month", slightly evolved sub-genres that continue to come out of the woodwork. But it's immediately obvious that HELL'S ADDICTION, consisting of Ben Sargent (Vocals), Liam Sargent (Guitar), Jason Green (Bass), Luke Morley (Drums), and Dan Weir (Guitar & Backing Vocals), is of the no-holds-barred breed by staying true to their straightforward Rock n Roll influences, never straying from the mutual inspirations that brought this band together. Shortly put; these guys kick ass. On V1.0, they set the tone for what's to come in striking fashion on the first track, "Free Your Mind"; an infectious song full of polished guitar riffs, gritty vocals, a massive chorus, and a lot of swagger. "Masking The Pain" and "Running Away" follow this same formula, delivering a message to the industry that these guys plan on making their way onto bigger stages in the near future. But for me, where this band really shines is on the blues infused, mid-tempo ballad, "If Time Stood Still". The guitar work is hauntingly seductive and the vocals are an emotive, tone-perfect change of pace, making the song a cut above the salacious party anthems expected of a straightforward Hard Rock band. What separates HELL'S ADDICTION from most of the pack is their songwriting prowess. They have a knack for writing a big hook and an infectious chorus, a virtue that is void in a lot of bands these days. Start to finish, there is not a weak moment present and the only problem that I have with the release is that I want more than four songs. I understand that a full length is in the works so I will be anxiously awaiting news on the new LP.

HELL'S ADDICTION possesses all of the components needed to make a lot of noise in this saturated digital music industry, and with the release of their newly released EP,V1.0, they seem to be well on their way.


9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"V1.0" Track-listing:

1. Free Your Mind
2. Masking the Pain
3. If Time Stood Still
4. Running Away

Hell's Addiction Lineup:

Ben Sargent - Vocals
Liam Sargent - Guitar
Jason Green - Bass
Luke Morley - Drums
Dan Weir - Guitar, Backing Vocals

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