HELLPROOF is fresh blood in the metal music scene. Combination of old school and modern […]
February 8, 2023
Hellproof - Supernova album cover

HELLPROOF is fresh blood in the metal music scene. Combination of old school and modern metal with a mix of clean and screaming vocals. Several years of practice and making material resulted in the first longplay album "Supernova". Now it's time to show their music to the world. Artur Matwiejczuk (drums), Patryk Kowalewski (guitar), Kamil Jakubowski (guitar, vocals) and Janek Jaskólski (bass and vocals) wanted to create their debut strong and recognizable. Listening to "Supernova" you will hear their unique style. The album has ten songs.

"Intro" is a short and somber lead-in to "Flame in You," which has a steady heavy sound with shouted vocals, and some harmonies as well. The riffs are pretty simple however, and don't venture out much. It reminds of newer IN FLAMES. "Sky Wide Open" begins with some wah in the leads, followed by a heavier sound. The verses are rough as they should be, but the cleans fall down a bit and aren't as strong. "Burn Alive" is a mid-tempo rocker with another simple riff, but the cleans are done a little better here. The slowed down, clean sections are also nice. The band has figured out the harsh vocals for sure.

"Prepare the Way" is a shorter, clean guitar song with solemn and pensive features. This song is actually quite well put together. If the band could harness some of these ethereal tones into other songs, it could go a long way. The title track again has nice harsh vocal sections, but the cleans fall short once again. This is perplexing, because it my experience, it's typically the other way around. "Bloody Game" has a more well-rounded sound. The riffs are filled with backing leads and some vocal harmonies give strength to the song. But through a majority of the album, the sound is repetitive.

"The Colors" is a little better put together, with equal doses of depressive tones along with angry ones. The clean guitars are quite nice, as well as the electronic elements towards the end, but they don't make a lot of sense considering the song as a whole. "Perfect Gift" is the final song before the short outro. It has a decent structure, but the slow pace holds it back from the full effect. Overall, this wasn't a bad album. There were moments of some very nice songwriting, and they have the harsh side of the genre down. But the cleans were very lamenting, and that sound got old after a while. Many of the songs sounded too similar as well.

5 / 10









"Supernova" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Flame in You
3. Sky Wide Open
4. Burn Alive
5. Prepare the Way
6. Supernova
7. Blood Game
8. The Colors
9. Perfect Gift
10. Outro

Hellproof Lineup:

Artur Matwiejczuk - Drums
Patryk Kowalewski - Guitar
Kamil Jakubowski - Guitar, Vocals
Janek Jaskólski - Bass, Vocals

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