Treasure Chest


What do we have here? Aha! Another Helloween compilation! Well, no it is not another […]
By Fotis Giakob
May 14, 2002
Helloween - Treasure Chest album cover

What do we have here? Aha! Another Helloween compilation! Well, no it is not another -excellent- live album or a Karaoke CD but a Best Of. One of the most influential bands of metal history decided to engrave almost 20 years of music in 2 CDs. 29 songs , 29 moments of real power metal from the fathers of the genre, almost an album you can't miss...
Before this "almost thing get clearer, i couldn't deny that the track listing is very good. Ranging from the Mini-LP masterpiece to Helloween's latest release The Dark Ride, the songs selection is balanced in numbers if you consider the band's 10 studio albums. So we have 2 songs from Mini-LP, 4 songs from each Keepers Pt.1, Pt.2 and Time Of The Oath albums, 3 each from Walls of Jericho and The Dark Ride and ,something which was a surprise for me, Master of The Rings has 6 songs. The surprise continued when I realized that the Helloween best 90's album, Better than Raw, had only 2 songs and no Revelation! I think the ones responsible for the track listing could have cut down at least 2 songs from Rings and added at least 1 Better Than Raw track. Last in...line are Pink Bubbles Go Ape and Chameleon with 1 song each, although they could borrow one of Rings slots and added Someone Is Crying or Heavy Metal Hamsters (Metalheads Hymn ).
Now, for the "almost part of this review...Murderer, Starlight, Ride The Sky, Keeper Of The 7 Keys and Dr.Stein aren't the original album versions but 2002 remixes. Ok, they are crystal clear and nice at hearing but we are talking for a Best Of album here, not some kind of re-releases and we want to hear those song identical as it was created was loved by the fans and made them part of the Best Of. By remixing a song, technically it gets a new dimension but it instantly loses the title of classic in the mind of the fans. The situation reaches the limit of sacrilege at the Starlight remix where the vocals are done by Michael Kiske. I have nothing against mr.Kiske but this remix ruins the song because he can't keep up with Kai Hansen original howling!!! Just listen to the chorus and you'll realize what i'm talking about.
I couldn't forget to mention the beautiful booklet, with photos from all the former and current band members, extensive biography of the 17 years of group history and a very interesting "Family Tree-like section which shows the band roots and the groups created by former Helloween members. Also besides the 2 CDs release there is a limited version of Treasure Chest with 3 CDs. While the first 2 CDs are identical the third one is a collection of B-Sides, mainly taken from Japanese releases, although no sing of Deliver Us From Temptation (Awesome B-side song from The Dark Ride). Pity...
Another fine release from the Pumpkin Heads with 29 significant songs from all Eras of the band. Must have for those new to power metal and perhaps a collection item for the classic songs' remixes. One way or another this Best Of release is a fine way ,with great timing, for Helloween to remain at the frontline of the metal scene while they are trying to get over with the small crisis after the recent band members loses. UP YER PUMPINKS!!!

PS. An asterisk (*) next to the track name indicates a Remixed song by Helloween 2002

7 / 10


"Treasure Chest" Track-listing:

Disc 1

I Can
Where The Rain Grows
Eagle Fly Free
Future World
Metal Invaders
Murderer *
Starlight *
How Many Tears
Ride The Sky *
A Little Time
A Tale That Wasn't Right
I Want Out

Disc 2

Keeper Of The Seven Keys *
Dr.Stein *
The Chance
Sole Survivor
Perfect Gentleman
In The Middle Of A Heartbeat
Kings Will Be Kings
Time Of The Oath
Forever & One
Midnight Sun
Mirror, Mirror

Helloween Lineup:

Michael Weikath - guitar
Markus Grosskopf - bass

Andi Deris - vocals in tracks CD 1 [1,2,3,4] and CD 2 [5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14]

Roland Grapow - guitar in tracks CD 1 [1,2,3,4] and CD 2 [3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14]

Uli Kusch -  drums in tracks CD 1 [1,2,3,4] and CD 2 [5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14]

Kai Hansen - vocals/guitar in tracks CD 1 [7,8,10,11], guitar in tracks CD 1 [5,6,9,12,13,14,15] and CD 2 [1,2]

Micheal Kiske - vocals in tracks CD 1 [5,6,9,12,13,14,15] and CD 2 [1,2,3,4]

Ingo Schwichtenberg - drums in tracks CD 1 [5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15] and CD 2 [1,2,3,4]

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