One of the cool things about this position at Metal Temple is getting to hear […]
By Lex Mishukhin
November 14, 2013
Hell:On - Hunt album cover

One of the cool things about this position at Metal Temple is getting to hear new music and bands, especially when they come from countries from which I haven't heard much Metal before, and despite having some Ukrainian roots, I've never really heard much Metal from the Ukraine, so this was actually an interesting opportunity.

HELL:ON hail from Zaporizhzhia, and this is in fact their fourth full length release, and it's a heavy hitter. Hunt opens with the fast an furious Thrash attack called "Hear My Call", harsh vocals and fast guitar work make this number a perfect opening statement. "Dormition" follows suit reminding the listener of early SEPULTURA with its heaviness and brutality. "Slaughter Smell" is a real gem featuring KING DIAMOND Guitarist Andy LaRocque, and the maestros influence is heard immediately, a slow intro and very melodic guitar work throughout the track despite its heaviness makes the song stand out. "Duality" makes a return to form in its speed and ferociousness. "The Hunt" also stands out, while it's certainly extremely fast and heavy it's a bit more melodic.

This is a very interesting listen, a Death infused, brutal Thrash Metal albums and one of the better in its genre this year, there's no relief while listening to it, it's a head banging album from start to finish.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Hunt" Track-listing:

1. Hear My Call
2. Dormition
3. Slaughter Smell
4. Duality
5. The Hunt
6. Prey
7. Beyond Morality
8. The Game
9.I nsight

Hell:On Lineup:

Slayer - Bass
Leshiy - Drums
Hellion - Guitars
Olexandr Bayev - Vocals
Tony Alien - Guitars

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