Journey Through Endless Storms


This Brazil based doom and gloom band releases their third album in the last 5 […]
By Johnny Jackal
December 30, 2015
HellLight - Journey Through Endless Storms album cover

This Brazil based doom and gloom band releases their third album in the last 5 years. Even though they were formed in 1996, they really started to make albums in the mid 2000s. This album clocks at almost 80 minutes and its pure doom metal with a dash of experimental stuff they hadn't tried before and they branched out in other directions, but it's still classic doom and gloom.

The title track is just a noise bender. It's crushing, slow, and shows you that they are a force to be reckoned with in the genre, a genre that isn't the most original. Let's face it, it's not easy to do something new in Doom, but they got that classic sound and it's very easy to get into it even though it's slow and methodical. The harsh vocals are great and give an eerie feeling to all of the songs; it does remind me of some of the forefathers of Doom/Death like FUNERAL (still waiting for something new from those guys!).

Some songs remind me of older NEUROSIS, and some of the older, slower paced, Death Metal period of OPETH. Still a nice change of pace of anything I listen to nowadays. Sometimes they make me feel like I am listening to some Black Metal though, which isn't my cup of tea, but I managed to pull through my misconceptions about that style of music.

I was thinking long and hard about what comparison (well principal comparison anyways) I wanted to talk about when talking about HELLLIGHT, well it took a long time to be honest and I had to ask for some help. I remembered listening to a band a few years back that was very similar to this band and then we finally remembered it was EVOKEN! This is straight Doom with Death Metal like vocals, pretty much a carbon copy of this band, it's not criticism at all, and imitation is the best form of flattery they say. But anyways, HELLLIGHT have been doing this longer than EVOKEN but anyways, but the sound is really the same and it was this that won me over to be honest. I highly enjoyed this band and look forward to listening their old stuff!<

8 / 10


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"Journey Through Endless Storms" Track-listing:

1. Journey Through Endless Storms
2. Dive in the Dark
3. Distant Light That Fades
4. Time
5. Cemetherapy
6. Beyond Stars
7. Shapeless Forms of Emptiness
8. End of Pain

HellLight Lineup:

Alexandre Vida - Bass
Fabio de Paula - Guitars, Vocals
Rafael Sade - Keyboards, Backing Vocals

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