HEGEROTH is a Polish black metal band formed in 2010.   Their latest album "Perfidia," is […]
November 16, 2020
Hegeroth - Perfidia album cover

HEGEROTH is a Polish black metal band formed in 2010.   Their latest album "Perfidia," is their third full length album; they also released a demo back in 2012.  "Perfidia," is an album that is rather by the numbers and straight forward. There isn't anything wrong with that, per say, but its more of an album you take at face value, let it cave in your face, and then perhaps not listen to it for a long time.  It isn't a bad album but it is one that is about middle of the road.

The album opens with the whole band going balls out.  Blackened riffs, rapid fire drumming, heavy handed bass and high pitched shrieks check off all the black metal boxes but something about the song, and the album itself, just left me wanting more.  I do appreciate how riff based this song is; the crisp drumming certainly accents those riffs.  Ultimately, the song seems to focus so much on being black metal that is also forgets how to be interesting.

"The Wind Embraces Me," is a better track as it balances aggression with atmosphere really well, especially with the bass.  At the 3:23 mark, the music gets grueling as the band hammers down on the intensity in the song's final moments. "Raise Your Voice," is the most intense track on the album but also has some of the best riffs, especially the one at the song's beginning.  The latter half of the song is decidedly more intense, forgoing atmosphere for pure speed.

My favorite song on the album is "Sacrificed," just because it dials the intensity up to thirteen; every element that makes up this album is amplified across this track's run time of just under five minutes.  The sparse instrumentation and the harrowing vocals give the track a haunted vibe. "How Sore Can Be The Fall," has very subtle, slight, uses of melody that make the track better than it actually is but its also hard to deny the fervor of the vocalist, who spits out his vocals like pure venom and contempt.

The final track, "An Angel Won't Come," features atmospheric riffs and bass that structure the song to take off in different directions but it never happens. And I think that is my main problem I have with this has a lot of good moments but never really expands upon them.  Ultimately, this isn't a bad album that will no doubt it will get the bands some fans but it is an album that I don't think I will listen too often in the long run.  There has been some amazing black metal released this year but this one doesn't stick out enough in my mind to leave a lasting impression.

5 / 10









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"Perfidia" Track-listing:

1. Hand By Hand
2. Distorted Visions of the Saints
3. The Wind Embraces Me
4. Raise Your Voice
5. Sacrificed
6. Last Salvation
7. How Sore Can Be The Fall
8. An Angel Won't Come

Hegeroth Lineup:

Bene - Guitars, Bass
Edward - Vocals
Bila - Drums

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