Electric Overdrive

Heavy Star

What's up, Metal maniacs? The Thrasher returns to give you an insight; this time, hailing […]
July 25, 2016
Heavy Star - Electric Overdrive album cover

What's up, Metal maniacs? The Thrasher returns to give you an insight; this time, hailing from Rome, Italy on the quintet: HEAVY STAR on their debut album: "Electric Overdrive" performing Rock/Metal, signed via Perris Records. Going in with low expectations; I mean, rightly so..."HEAVY STAR" isn't exactly the band name of the decade, then again, nor is MOTORHEAD or MACHINE HEAD so, take that how you please. I acquaint myself with a quartet that seem to put nothing new to the table, that we haven't already heard before with the greats like KISS for example; I'm introduced to yet another unsurprising name that is the album title: "Electric Overdrive" ...when METALLICA released "Garage Inc." that included the song: "It's Electric" I thought: "no shit, Sherlock." and so, I turn on the first song of this record: "Love And Affection" and I'm 100% right in being disappointed right off the earphones. This is a simple record that will stagger your brain; not only at the simplicity of the production, but at how short it is too.

Albert Fish on vocals showcases some decent arrangements however, his vocal ranges stems from brilliantly infused but typical Hard Rock material that is on-point with the instrumentation and musicianship. Marco K-ACE is the mastermind behind HEAVY STAR who performs on guitar and backing vocals; despite my opinion on simplicity and such, musically, everything sounds great and stellar. "Electric Overdrive" is an enjoyable ride that commits to an adjunct production of quality. With Danny Slade also on guitar; Roberto BOBBO Biaggioni on bass and additional backing vocals, Mauro Money on drums, I can at least tell you that this band emphasize on not numbers, but quality. However, as a Metal extremist who craves an original, yet unheard of experience...there's not too much to note here, honestly. As short as it is disappointing – there are still at least some good elements implemented, let's dive in...

...with a sound production that's "loud and proud", songwriting isn't exactly original, memorably it's a belter. Songs like "Blessed", the titular track: "Electric Overdrive" and "Higher Than the Sun" typically showcase Rock anthems that have integrity and power with an instrumental value that's pretty damn rocking. Riffery of the highest order that triggers air-guitar movements for the listener. "Desperation Alley", "Wicked Seed (Fallen)" and "Serena" all share similar intentions of a rocking good time that share -some- atmospheric value but I can't help but feel like I've been here before; which necessarily isn't a bad thing for Rock, but when you're looking for something new and original, I tend to feel bored of over-saturation but that's probably just my inner Metal talking. Speaking on behalf of most of the Metal brethren, I can imagine I'm not alone here. All in all – a very generic listen that's been done time and time again, worth listening once but that's it.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Electric Overdrive" Track-listing:

1. Love and Affection
2. Blessed
3. Electric Overdrive
4. Higher Than the Sun
5. Desperation Alley
6. Wicked Seed (Fallen)
7. Serena

Heavy Star Lineup:

Albert Fish - Vocals
Marco K-ACE - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Danny Slade - Guitar
Roberto BOBBO Biaggioni - Bass/Backing Vocals
Mauro Money - Drums

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