Denouncing the Holy Throne

Heaving Earth

Hailing from the historic city of Prague in the Czech Republic, HEAVING EARTH plays harsh […]
By Danny Sanderson
February 6, 2015
Heaving Earth - Denouncing the Holy Throne album cover

Hailing from the historic city of Prague in the Czech Republic, HEAVING EARTH plays harsh and incredibly technical Death Metal. Since their formation in 2008, they have garnered a reputation for putting out great music, on the back of two demos, an EP, a split with ALTARS and a full length album. And now, the band are on the verge of releasing their second full length, entitled "Denouncing the Holy Throne", which is shaping up to be their best release yet. So let's delve into their music and see what "Denouncing the Holy Throne" has to offer.

"The Final Crowning", which opens this album, is a song that slowly builds up at the beginning, before bursting into life in all its Blackened Death Metal glory, with technical flourishes and solid riffs. The song which follows it, "Nailed to Perpetual Anguish", is, again, a very technical track, and heads down a more conventional Death Metal route without sounding clichéd and tired musically. "Doomed Before Inception" sounds fantastic; with the military chug of the guitars and drums, counter-pointed by the musicianship throughout the majority of the rest of the track, it's most likely going to become a fan favourite in the near future. "And The Mighty Shall Fall" acts as a short, melodic interlude which leads into the fifth track, "Worms of Rusted Congregation". This is a much slower track than most of the other ones on this record, but it has a presence about it that makes me feel that it will quickly become a cornerstone of their live repertoire. The solo at the end is the highlight of the whole track. "...Into the Sea of Fire..." is another short but effective linking piece between tracks, and makes for a really good way to set up "Forging Arcane Heresy" for the listener. This is an absolutely brilliant track, but it's brilliant in a way that I can't quite identify. It could be the guitar hooks on offer, the delivery of the vocals, or even the vicious patter of the drums, which are all awesome on this track. "I Am Nothing" is a good track with dissonant guitar chords and overall harshness and brutality. "Into the Depths of Abomination" continues in this vein, with some weird and wonderful riffs, infectious grooves and cool hooks. "...Where the Purified Essence Descends Ablaze" is yet another short instrumental track which acts as a respite between the heaviness of the songs that come before and after it. And the song, which comes after it, "Jesus Died" is perhaps one of the best songs on this record; this is, in essence, the climax of the album. It's anthemic and powerful, as well as incredibly catchy. And then we have one final instrumental track, "Endless procession of Martyrs- Final Termination", to take this album to its conclusion. If there is one criticism I have of this album, it's that it is just a bit too long. This could definitely have been remedied by taking out a couple of the instrumental tracks, which, although a cool way to break up the album, are a bit redundant at times, and the album would not be any worse if they were omitted altogether.

This has all of the key elements that make a great Blackened Death Metal album. It has amazing riffs, powerful drums and harsh, violent vocals, which put this band on a par with some of their better-known contemporaries. Check out "Denouncing the Holy Throne" for some really awesome Technical Blackened Death Metal.<

7 / 10


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"Denouncing the Holy Throne" Track-listing:

1. The Final Crowning
2. Nailed to Perpetual Anguish
3. Doomed Before Inception
4. And The Mighty Shall Fall
5. Worms of Rusted Congregation
6. ...Into the Sea of Fire...
7. Forging Arcane Heresy
8. I Am Nothing
9. Into the Depths of Abomination
10. ...Where the Purified Essence Descends Ablaze
11. Jesus Died
12. Endless Procession of Holy Martyrs- Final Termination

Heaving Earth Lineup:

Pavel Satra - Bass
Jirka "Jurgen" Zajic - Drums
Jaroslav Santrucek - Guitars
Tomas Halama - Guitars
Michal Stepanek - Vocals

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