Sleep Cycles


HEARTSICK has been out in the scene, thriving in the fringes of Metal culture under […]
By Kyle Scott
March 27, 2019
Heartsick - Sleep Cycles album cover

HEARTSICK has been out in the scene, thriving in the fringes of Metal culture under the name KNOW LYFE. After nineteen years since they first emerged from whatever underground laboratory they crawled out of, HEARTSICK is still just as spit-in-your-face angry as they were nineteen years ago. If not a lot more. If their latest album Sleep Cycles proves anything, it's that there is always plenty to be angry about in today's time. Lyrics circle like bloodthirsty sharks around topics such as artificial culture, self-destructive anxieties, and crippling memories of a past that takes hold with all the strength of a bear trap.

In case you didn't catch the drift, HEARTSICK is angry and that sizeable chip on their shoulder isn't even remotely shy about being heard. And loudly at that! Songs like "Snakeman" and "Hate Anthem" are foundation-rumbling in their delivery. With an attitude that fuses HELLYEAH with SLIPKNOT, HEARTSICK is breaking bottles and starting barfights with anyone who looks at them odd. Whispers of encouraged suicide in "Burning Bridges" is arguably the nicest words that HEARTSICK expresses in Sleep Cycles. HEARTSICK has gone through some shit, that much is known. Evidence of betrayal, severed ties and copious amounts of broken trust litter the ground and heap in huge corner piles on the album.

"Methalyne Blue" is a dark promise to finally bury and forget what has happened, and the band is all too eager to heap the dirt over that grave. "Loveletter" is the few little beautiful specks on the album with a song dedicated to someone that was once idolized, but now realizes that they have been outgrown and that moving on is the next and final step. HEARTSICK weaves little vulnerabilities like this one to show that they aren't always suffering and wallowing in pain.

HEARTSICK has put Sleep Cycles together as a confrontation of anger that we have been ignoring for too long now.

8 / 10









"Sleep Cycles" Track-listing:

1. Affair
2. Snakeman
3. Hate Anthem
4. Burning Bridges
5. Mike & Drew
6. Code 105
7. Miami
8. Methalyne Blue
9. Loveletter
10. Her Heart
11. Shadow
12. Slave Labor
13. Fallujah

Heartsick Lineup:

Alfonso Civile -V ocals
Waylon Fox - Bass and Vocals
Richard "Jerred" Pruneau - Guitar
Justin Robison - Drums

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