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Heads For The Dead

HEADS FOR THE DEAD is an international band that have set its foots in the […]
By Caio Botrel
February 16, 2021
Heads For The Dead - Into The Red album cover

HEADS FOR THE DEAD is an international band that have set its foots in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands. I believe that this experience helped developing their Death Metal, that sometimes caused me a little bit of fear and I'm not lying about it. It's like a horror movie. They have recently released their newest album "Into The Red" and that is what we are going to talk about.

The opening track from the album is "Into The Red" and it started with a low guttural vocals, then the blast-beats and guitars came in, and were completed by a high guttural scream that reminded me of horror movies, and it did caused me a little bit of fear and anxiety. The instrumental is really tight and well executed, it's a nice song to start the album. "The Coffin Scratcher' is more into what could be a Punk N' Thrash vibe with some Death Metal influences, and it sounds nice. It's fast song that mixes the mentioned genres above on its instrumental, creating a different atmosphere.

"At The Dead Of The Night" starts with an interest drum-beat and a pretty nice guitar riff that will make you bang your head. I like the ambiance of that song and how it develops. The mix between the vocals are pretty interesting, because they create different ambiances without much changes in the instrumental. "Horror Injection" is a fast song with a little different drumming if compared to the previous songs and it also has some nice guitar melodies in the background. "The Seance" starts with a very interesting clean guitar sound and drumming, that created a dark and lonely ambiance. It turns into something really dark when the guitar riffs comes in. Very nice.

"Night Ripping Terror" starts with an interesting guitar riff and the song keeps going as fast and heavy as possible, there's also a nice section of Kerry King's kind of guitar solo in the end. "The Midnight Resistance" is a very fast song, and it has some nice guitar riff structure that made it sound even killer. The guitar solo is pretty nice, and there's a part where you can hear the bass better alongside the drums, that is really cool. "Multi Morbid Maniac" will show you a different side of the band, even if it still sounds like their own, it has some different touchs on the vocals and I liked that variety.
"The Revenant" is a goddamn fast song that will probably make their hands fall off after playing it and it will definitely destroy the venue down. "The Prophecy Fulfilled" have some Thrash Metal influence and even some Doom Metal vibes on the guitar riffs, but all mixed with their Death Metal sound. Nice song. "Transilvanian Hunger" sounds as Black Metal as it could get, and there is a great atmosphere on the song, specially because the mix is different - it seems that they did it in purpose to create the Black Metal 1990's sound. I liked how it sound and that is a cool song.

"Creatures Of The Monolith" is the song that ends their album, and it starts out with a tense and progressive introduction with the guitar riff and drums sounding in a constancy, and there's a very low guitar sound playing some melodies in the background. That is definitely a different song if compared to the previous ones, and it sounded very dynamic as well.

HEADS FOR THE DEAD have written and released a great Death Metal album with different ambiances and even some deep energy that caused me fear at some points. The instruments were well executed, and the songs were well written. Congratulations!

10 / 10









"Into The Red" Track-listing:

1. Into The Red
2. The Coffin Scratcher
3. At The Dead Of Night
4. Horror Injection
5. The Seance
6. Night Ripping Terror
7. The Midnight Resistance
8. Multi Morbid Maniac
9. The Revenant
10. The Prophecy Fulfilled
11. Transilvanian Hunger
12. Creatures Of The Monolith

Heads For The Dead Lineup:

Ralf Hauber - Vocals
Jonny Petterson - All Instruments
Ed Warby - Drums

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