Endless Hallway

He is Legend

HE IS LEGEND is back with their seventh album, "Endless Hallway," featuring that quintessential American […]
By Ashley O'Brien
February 6, 2023
He is Legend - Endless Hallway album cover

HE IS LEGEND is back with their seventh album, "Endless Hallway," featuring that quintessential American rock sound, including subtle yet obvious influences from the American south. Hailing from North Carolina, the barely there touch of rockabilly and southern rock adds a layer of fun and attitude to a heavy, attitude-laden heavy metal album. This album is so easy to listen to, bursting with headbanging music and singalong choruses. This is serious music, but it is also fun, with a badass attitude filtering through song after song. Schuylar Croom personifies that attitude, backed up perfectly with heavy drums, squealing guitars, and intense bass lines.

"Honey From the Hive" has a swooning chorus listeners are sure to love. "Return To The Garden" is very moody and dark. This song features the jarring use of squealing guitars, heavy drums, and a sweeping chorus. Fans of allusion will also enjoy the clever use of the famous line "water, water, everywhere." "Circus Circus" immediately pulls in listeners to dance, singalong, or bang their heads, with a variety of vocal styles, fun vocalizations, and a great melody. The title track, "Endless Hallway," is a bit gimmicky, with mood, tone, and attitude adding up to a creepy song that's a lot of fun. "Time's Fake" has an intense, heavy metal beginning, swirling guitar riffs, and an attitude that is sure to excite listeners.

The album is chockful of fun rock songs that are easy to listen to and will be a pleasure for most crowds. HE IS LEGEND masterfully brings "Endless Hallway" to a close with something a bit different, a bit heavier. "Lord Slug" creates a haunting opening with some great drum work, and then gets hard and heavy, before it falls away to something slow and predictable. Eventually, the song weaves these two styles together, creating an incredibly heavy, beautiful song. In this case, the music outshines the vocals, by a lot. The chorus is good, but out of sink with the brilliant heavy metal music. But keep listening. At 3:40, there is an incredible breakdown with intense heavy metal chords and heavy drums, and great vocals that suddenly become unclean. At nearly six minutes, it's a long journey, but it is excellent.

After seven albums, HE IS LEGEND CONTINUES to deliver for their hardcore fans, but they are worth a listen for anyone new to the band. "Endless Hallway" is a fun, high-energy, hard rock/heavy metal album with great music, great melodies, and a rebellious attitude.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Endless Hallway" Track-listing:

1. Prowler
2. Lifeless Lemonade
3. Honey From The Hive
4. Return to the Garden
5. Circus Circus
6. Seamistress
7. Sour
8. Endless Hallway
9. Time's Fake
10. Sinkhole
11. Animals
12. Lord Slug

He is Legend Lineup:

Schuylar Croom - Lead Vocals
Adam Tanbouz - Lead Guitar
Matty Williams - Bass
Jesse Shelley - Drums

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