Forging Metal

Hazy Hamlet

HAZY HAMLET is a band that hails from Brazil, a great country where significant Metal […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
July 29, 2009
Hazy Hamlet - Forging Metal album cover

HAZY HAMLET is a band that hails from Brazil, a great country where significant Metal acts have been (and still are) born. Forging Metal is their debut album that -as you have already noticed- is self released. This is what I really like being an editor for a Metal webzine; to meet unsigned bands that still remain pure and 'innocent' untouched by the 'needs' of most of the record labels. So, HAZY HAMLET has been around for almost a decade having produced two demos and one single. The band's debut release took four years to reach the form I have in my hands.
First of all, I have to underline that the quality of this CD has nothing to be jealous of in regards to similar releases through famous record labels. Starting from the beautiful artwork with Odin to the nicely designed booklet, HAZY HAMPLET state that epic Metal is their music signature. Fortunately for my ears, this is not the typical lets-slay-everyone Power Metal with a MANOWAR-wannabe intention. The Brazilian act looks over bands like OMEN, LIEGE LORD (mainly in the vocals side), GRAVE DIGGER, MANILLA ROAD and -to my surprise and joy- RUNNING WILD. The overall feeling is definitely the 80s one but not in the typical wanna-sound-like vein. HAZY HAMLET sound honest and straightforward trying to make a stand on their own without the backing of some fancy record label.
Arthur Migotto's vocals in some extent characterize the sound signature of Forging Metal. His well hidden baritone signing style and attitude works in favor of the album's epic foundations and gives in the diversity that this music genre lacks. Field Of Crosses is a representative tune of HAZY HAMLET's musical intentions; mid and heavy rhythm section, some sing-along lyrics and the fast break that lets the tension find its way out during the end. In this one GRAVE DIGGER's Excalibur atmosphere really shines but without the presence of keyboards. Indeed, the album takes the music back to the basics with a hearty vintage feeling and a killer sound in the guitars. Just focus on the riff that leads to the early METALLICA guitar solo to really get my point here. The early RUNNING WILD influences become 'vivid' in the fast galloping rhythm of Funeral For A Viking while The Faces Of Illusion pays the proper respect to MANILLA ROAD with limited keyboards sounds that should take your mind over The Courts Of Chaos's haunting atmosphere.
So, Brazil has done it again! It gave birth to another promising band that has worked really hard to write/record/produce and release this quite impressive debut full length album. If I hadn't read the promo sheet I would never guess that this is a self-financed album so additional thumbs up to HAZY HAMLET. The album is currently distributed through the band's official site so if you trust my personal taste then click here to listen to some tracks and -why not?- order a copy. These guys totally deserve it!
P.S.: I really love the Proudly Independent! comment beside the Record Label tag in the band's MySpace profile!

8 / 10


"Forging Metal" Track-listing:

The Beginning Of The End - Part 1
The Beginning Of The End - Part 2
Black Masquerade
Metal Revolution
Field Of Crosses
Funeral For A Viking
Chrome Heart
Chariot Of Thor
Forging Metal
The Faces Of Illusion

Hazy Hamlet Lineup:

Arthur Migotto - Vocals
Julio Bertin - Guitar
Fabio Nakahara - Bass
Cadu Madera - Drums

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