Doomsday Goes Away


Haystack originally formed by Ulf Cederlund in 1994 (Entombed,, Murder Squad, Alpha Safari and Swarm […]
April 24, 2024

Haystack originally formed by Ulf Cederlund in 1994 (Entombed,, Murder Squad, Alpha Safari and Swarm Of Souls) after a North American Tour where the band Unsane opened for Entombed. After a couple of line up changes consisting of Jonas Lundberg (A Bombs The Maggots) on drums,Johan Blomqvist (Backyard Babies) on bass released two albums with this line up “Right At You” in 1996 and “Slave Me” in 1998 with this line up. Johan Blomqvist then left the band to concentrate on The Backyard Babies. That was it for twenty years until Ulf Cederlund and Jonas Lundberg decided to reform the band and brought in Patril Thorngren who played bass in the band Alpha Safari with Ulf. To move things along a show was booked in Stockholm, also work started on a new album. The result being “The Sacrifice” nine new songs with a Dead Dance cover recorded in four days. Now 30 years later comes album number four “Doomsday Goes Away”.

Haystack “Doomsday Goes Away” starts off pretty promising with the title track a trip back in time, nostalgic to the start of the Nineties when Grunge was born with a fusion of Punk Rock a pretty upbeat track heavy bassline, buzzing guitar riffs with vocals to suit .”Dark Nothing” is a track in the same vain as the title track you feel transported back in time to the days of when Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Nirvana were born. Then things change for the worse “Neglected” a more slower and moody track just sounds depressing and boring “Wastemakers” is no better I found it to be very nauseous just a distorted mess and a racket. ”Burning Eye” and “Blame” restore some likeability like the first two tracks do. ”The Ban” I didn't like as a song it was all over the place the distortion of the guitars drowning out the vocals completely poor production. “Going Under”, ”Freak” are poor tracks which sound very mundane, lack that fire and spark like the opening two tracks do ,a bit like the last track ”Winter” which did not end the album with any style or finesse as the opening track did.

Doomsday Goes Away” for me is a very below par and lackluster effort. There are three to four good tracks on the album at the most, which are overshadowed by the poor tracks. Having listening to it several times to write this review I found myself skipping tracks to get to the half decent ones. Not an a great album by any means.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Doomsday Goes Away" Track-listing:

1. Doomsday Goes Away

2. Dark Nothing

3. Neglected

4. Wastermakers

5. Burning Eye

6. Blame

7. Ban

8.Going Under



Haystack Lineup:

Ulf Cederlund – Vocals and Guitar

Jonas Lundberg – Drums

Patril Thorngren – Bass

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