Have Mercy

With some work HAVE MERCY may have been able to condense “Numb” to a vaguely interesting EP.
March 18, 2024

HAVE MERCY is an Indie Rock band out of Baltimore, Maryland. They formed in 2009 which although only 15 years for mortal humans is actually several lifetimes for rock bands. In that decade and a half, they released three splits, three EPs, and five full-length studio albums, including “Numb” released in December 2023 via Rude Records. Like most rock bands, they have had their fair share of lineup changes and personal turmoil. In fact, in 2019 they announced their final tour only to come back with an EP in August 2022.

The two founding members reputedly had metal backgrounds, but even if true, those days have been left far, far behind. HAVE MERCY of 2023 is firmly set in the navel-gazing Indie Rock space. I have seen references to Emo and even Post-Hardcore, but those are just hipster terms for Alt Rock—the same way we metalheads insist that Doom, Death, Stoner, and Black Metal are all different . . . hmm.

“Numb” comprises ten brief tracks with a full runtime of 37 minutes. All a bit whiney, all a bit perky—like a soundtrack to an innocuous 1990’s coming-of-age movie featuring teenage white kids having emotions. Sonically speaking, the album is fairly flat, with few highs or lows. Lyrically and thematically it’s a whole catalogue of safe emotions—love, remorse, reconciliation, growth. A musical salad. Supposedly good for you, but bland and in desperate need of a fistful of bacon.  

Personally, I just needed this album to be over. Even for radio-friendly Alt Rock it has little to offer except for personal introspection put to bland music. Musically it’s the same song ten times. With some work they may have been able to condense “Numb” to a vaguely interesting EP. As it is, it lives up to its title.


4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Numb " Track-listing:

1. Alive

2. Numb

3. Hey

4. Friday

5. Big Surprise

6. Middle

7. I Can't Stay

8. Sick Of It

9. Hit The Ground

10. Floating


Have Mercy Lineup:

Andrew Johnson – Guitar, backing vocals

Brian Swindle – Lead vocals, guitar, keyboard

Todd Wallace – Drums

Nick Woolford – Bass, backing vocals


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