The Sickness Within


Hatesphere is a fucking cool Danish band which specializes in Thrash metal combining elements of […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
September 28, 2005
Hatesphere - The Sickness Within album cover

Hatesphere is a fucking cool Danish band which specializes in Thrash metal combining elements of typical old school riffery and new (and not nu of course!) vocal lines and sharp, dangerous guitar lines enriched by tough drumming! The unique mix of aggression, groove and melody quickly established Hatesphere as one of the leading acts in Danish Metal. Having issued the The Killing EP as an appetizer for this forthcoming album a few months ago, now it is time for the main dish, The Sickness Within! Could you pass the mustard along with my broken bones, please?
The band is clearly drawn towards a more complex, aggressive and catchy Thrash Metal approach compared to their previous sonic efforts. There is aggression and tough rhythms spread all over the place. Warning! This is not a relaxing CD! It is full of anger quality aggression and the breath of demolition, my friend! The production is so tight that it is almost suffocating! Clean sound everywhere, you can hear all the instruments very well and thus you enjoy their effort to the maximum. In the past they have been awarded at the Danish Metal Awards 2002 for Best Album for their Bloodred Hatred CD. Let us hope that they will manage to repeat their victory once more! If you are really angry and you wanna let off some steam then this CD will help you do so!
Maybe the addition of more solos would make their work sound more convincing, more relaxing but mostly more melodic! Anyway if that is the way they want it then that's the way they shall have it! If you also consider yourself to be a typical The Haunted fan then you will definitely find much spiritual food in Hatesphere! Hatesphere recently did a majestic brutal European tour with Thrash titans Kreator, Dark Tranquility and Ektomorf. Let us hope that they will perform such tours soon again and that this time we will also be able to see them live.
To sum it up, as mentioned on their official website: Hell is here!
- Album Highlights: White Fever, Fallen Shall Rise In A River Of Blood, Bleed To Death, Heaven Is Ready To Fall and Marked By Darkness. On the other hand none can really discriminate one song from the other since there is fucking madness and intensity all over this release!

7 / 10


"The Sickness Within" Track-listing:

White Fever    
Fallen Shall Rise In A River Of Blood    
Reaper Of Life    
Sickness Within    
Murderous Intent    
Coming Of Chaos    
Bleed To Death    
Heaven Is Ready To Fall    
Seeds Of Shame    
Chamber Master    
Marked By Darkness

Hatesphere Lineup:

Jacob Bredahl - Vocals
Peter Lyse Hansen - Guitar
Henrik Jacobsen - Guitar
Anders Gyldenohr - Drums
Mikael Ehlert - Bass

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