From Midnight And Beyond


HARTLIGHT were formed in 2019 and they are from Lausanne, Switzerland. The symphonic Metal band […]
February 13, 2023
Hartlight - From Midnight And Beyond album cover

HARTLIGHT were formed in 2019 and they are from Lausanne, Switzerland. The symphonic Metal band release their debut EP, which has been recorded in their home studio. It has a length of about 19 minutes, and it was released via Italian label WormHoleDeath, which have a lot of Death, Thrash, and Gothic Metal bands among their current roster. The very first release of this young Swiss symphonic Metal outfit starts with a short intro setting the scene for "The Morrow's Chant", a classical symphonic Metal track at mid-tempo, catchy guitar riffing and melodies. The orchestral arrangements are mainly in the background and become more present during the chorus parts. The song is mainly driven by the guitar riffing and by a lot of double-bass drumming. The female vocals do not sound like the typical symphonic Metal vocals. They are centered around the medium end of the vocal range with little tonal shifting. They come with a few Rock vibes rather than with operatic elements, which is typical in this genre.

"Be Blessed" is a fast and dynamic track with catchy melodies in particular during the chorus parts. The orchestral arrangements are more dominant, with the strings contributing very well at the chorus. The guitar riffing is tight during the verse parts. Highlight is the very contributing lead guitar solo. "Be Blessed" is a very catchy anthemic song, and no surprise, it has been released as official video with the YouTube link given below. "The Eclipse" starts with powerful and dark guitar riffing supported by the organ, transitioning into a short fast and blast-beat driven part. The verse part is slow and carried by the piano, the strings, and the vocals. The chorus is at mid-tempo and the vocals are highly pitched, which ends with the blast-beats and screams. The main melodies are mainly driven by the orchestral arrangements, while the guitars stay in the background. The down-tempo break include grim guitar riffs and an extended lead guitar solo as well as choir support for the vocals. "The Eclipse" is surely the highlight on "From Midnight And Beyond". The EP closes with "Into The Realm Of The Elves" and it comes with a lot of Power Metal vibes in terms of the drumming and the guitar melodies. It is another fast track where Metal instruments and orchestra contribute equally to the track. The melodies have some neoclassical vibes during the break. Highlight is the excellent lead guitar solo.

The debut EP of HARTLIGHT gives some indications what to expect from the duo in the future. While the first two tracks of the EP are more or less traditional symphonic Metal tracks, HARTLIGHT show that they are ready to vary their sound with "The Eclipse" and "Into The Realm Of The Elves". "From Midnight And Beyond" benefits from the exploration and inclusion of different sound elements, and it shows that HARTLIGHT is ready for a full-length album. The songwriting still needs some improvement, but a song like "The Eclipse" shows the potential of the band. The vocals still need a bit more versatility and Noemie Allet should be more in the center of the songs and lead them, as she does it in "The Eclipse". The EP is well produced. "From Midnight And Beyond" is a first hint what can be expected from HARTLIGHT in the future, and fans of symphonic Metal can be excited for a first full-length album of them.

7 / 10









"From Midnight And Beyond" Track-listing:

1. The Morrow's Chant
2. Be Blessed
3. The Eclipse
4. Into The Realm Of The Elves

Hartlight Lineup:

Noemie Allet - Vocals
Adrien Djouadou - All Instruments

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