Always the same feeling. When I see an album that has the Lifeforce Records logo […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
February 22, 2008
Harlots - Betrayer album cover

Always the same feeling. When I see an album that has the Lifeforce Records logo on it, I am a bit afraid of what I am going to face. I have come across the same stuff so many times that I have really run out of words to write my reviews on this whatevercore kind of music. I think that you can understand this situation.

Formed in Ohio during the winter of 2002, HARLOTS have managed to release two full-length albums, one digital EP and play over 250 shows all over the US. After reading such an 'impressive' bio, I can go on to the main part of this review and try to find some words to describe this album.

HARLOTS is one of those classic bands that can't even describe the music that they play. Betrayer contains Hardcore, Noise, Post and some Drone elements that have become somehow trendy and I can see many bands coming out of the blue releasing albums that do not have any real music to offer. After bands like CONVERGE, MASTODON, ISIS and GOJIRA became well known to the Metal audience, many bands tried to copy this success, but my humble opinion is that the above mentioned bands managed to have this success because they were something that we call original.

As you can easily understand, HARLOTS music is far from making me get excited. The US metallers really need a lot of work in order to offer something to the listener. What they need the most is to manage to be original and play mostly for themselves. Fuck all those Drone, Post, Core tags! Just feel this goddamn' music running through your veins!

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Betrayer" Track-listing:

The Weight Unweighable
Avada Kedavra
Full Body Contortion
Dried Up Goliathan
Building An Empire Towards Destruction
Consensus For The Locus Of Thought
This Is A Test, No Flesh Should Be Spared
The Concept Of Existence
Suicide Medley

Harlots Lineup:

Christian Fillipo - Vocals
Eric Dunn - Guitar
Joshua Dillon - Bass
Jeff Lohrber - Drums

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