Human Nature

Harem Scarem

HAREM SCAREM had, has and will always have a strange relationship with Melodic Rock/hard Rock […]
By Grigoris Chronis
January 14, 2007
Harem Scarem - Human Nature album cover

HAREM SCAREM had, has and will always have a strange relationship with Melodic Rock/hard Rock fans. They stand on the border of 90s Melodic Rock with an eye looking to other genres at times. Hence, every release - well, apart from the first two grand albums - creates an atmosphere of curiosity for what they can be up to this time.
Human Nature marks the Canadian band's 11th release and the first thing that's obvious in the primary audition is that HAREM SCAREM are working class heroes plus they seem not to lose their mood easily! The album - as regards production and energy - is vivid enough, bringing suspicions for whether this is a debut album from teenagers! Yes, the tracklist sees the quartet breaking loose and the backround is set for some fine rocking time. The Warner days may be long gone  - now dealing with the Vespa Music Group label - but Harry Hess and company are willing enough to satisfy their - that's true - wide fan base around the globe once again.
Well, HAREM SCAREM is not my cup of tea - to be honest - basically due to their tension to input modern Rock or Alternative Rock elements in their songwriting at times (post-1994 releases). Human Nature sees the same - in general - formula once again. There's certain quality in here - all tunes have the spirit - and a fan of the band will find real hard rockers mixed with mid tempo emotional Rock cuts, not leaving behind the 'modern' tunes that seem to give HAREM SCAREM a wider prospect. The vocal harmonies - a trademark for the Canadian clan - are high again, while the guitars are catchy and the rhythm section could be a little les mature, not providing us with something mediocre anyway. Amuse yourself with tunes like Human Nature, getcha rocks off with Reality and let your spirit flow with ballads like Hanging On and Give Love/Get love.
Human Nature makes the fan base looking out for another killer release. Everything you wanted lurks in here. Still, if you have previously been confused with your likes for this Canadian piece, test before you buy.

7 / 10


"Human Nature" Track-listing:

Human Nature
Next Time Around
Caught Up In Your World
Hanging On
Don't Throw It Away
Give Love/Get love
Going Under
Tomorrow May Be Gone

Harem Scarem Lineup:

Harry Hess - Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Pete Lesperance - Guitars, Vocals
Barry Donaghy - Bass, Vocals
Creighton Doane - Drums

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