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Yes, I do realise we are late with this review. HARDCORE SUPERSTAR have already released […]
By Metal Wim
April 18, 2022
Hardcore Superstar - Abrakadabra album cover

Yes, I do realise we are late with this review. HARDCORE SUPERSTAR have already released "Abrakadabra" on the 25th of March. But, to be sure, we do like to show our appreciation to them for sticking it out since 1997. That bis the year that they were formed in Gothenburg, Sweden. In the information with this album, they state that musically they are marrying Trash Metal with Sleaze Rock, and even on this, their twelfth studio album, they do that in style. As a non-musician myself I am always amazed when a band has the ability to keep up their own style and still write songs that are a welcome addition to their extensive catalogue. HARDCORE SUPERSTAR have done just that, as this is a proper continuation of what they always have done musically, but somehow they have the ability to amaze and satisfy me with their happy kind of rock.

When it comes to HARDCORE SUPERSTAR in general and in this case, "Abrakadabra", they have succeeded in a big way. This is catchy music with a real sleazy feel, but also with a rough and hard edge, but also a definite AC/DC undertone. There is no way you won't start tapping your feet on the floor, nodding your head up and down, even if it might be just slightly, and start air drumming with HARDCORE SUPERSTAR. This band is as contagious as Covid-19 at its high point. But a lot more pleasant and especially without the nausea. It might give you a fever, though, but that will be due to you moving more and more whilst enjoying the beautiful sounds on "Abrakadabra".

Even if you are not a Sleaze Rock fan, you should check these guys out, as HARDCORE SUPERSTAR has that little bit extra that might make you reconsider. That addition is emphasised by the fact that the band sound like they really are enjoying themselves while playing, recording and such. They know life is an adventure, and that is how they approach their musical career as well. It makes for a very pleasant listen when having "Abrakadabra" blast into your ears through your headphones. I wish to mention "Give Me A Smile", as even though it has the darkest sound on the album, it also has the most addictive riff and vibe. Damn, this is good. Glad I requested to be allowed to review this one. Thank you HARDCORE SUPERSTAR.

8 / 10









"Abrakadabra" Track-listing:

1. Abrakadabra
2. Influencer
3. Forever And A Day
4. Weep When You Die
5. Give Me A Smile
6. Catch Me If You Can
7. One For All
8. Dreams In Red
9. Throw A Brick
10. Fighter

Hardcore Superstar Lineup:

Vic Zino - Guitar
Martin Sandvik - Bass
Magnus "Adde" Andreasson - Drums
Joakim "Jocke" Berg - Vocals

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