Oriental Beat - 40th Anniversary Re(al)mix (Reissue)

Hanoi Rocks

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: HANOI ROCKS; signed via Svart […]
April 18, 2023
Hanoi Rocks - Oriental Beat - 40th Anniversary Re(al)mix (Reissue) album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: HANOI ROCKS; signed via Svart Records, hailing from Finnish grounds - performing Glam Punk/Hard Rock, on their sophomoric full-length studio album entitled: "Oriental Beat - 40th Anniversary Re(al)mix Reissue" (reissued via Svart Records, released March 17th, 2023). Since formation in 1979; the quintet in question have 8 full-length studio albums in their discography so far, I'm introduced to their second full-length studio album entitled: "Oriental Beat" the 40th anniversary re(al)mix reissue edition. 11 tracks ranging around 33 minutes... HANOI ROCKS arrange an intricate designed formula on some heavy-hitting Glam Punk/Hard Rock culminations.

Opening up with this rollicking remedy of groovy catchiness; the titular track "Oriental Beat" injects a jumpy ramification on punchy hooks and flamboyant harmony, manifesting this rifting stridency on rhythmic melody. Boisterously bouncy, an amplified adrenaline romps out some quirky substance on organic panache & thudding sturdiness that revs with ripping punk aesthetics from dexterous twinning riffers Andy McCoy/Nasty Suicide (Jan Stenfors). Both distil a dense but dynamic shred; where sulphurous tempos rapidly swifts with rampantly nimble maelstrom prowess, as a fierce firepower expertise in furore and outré synergy articulates at an upbeat vehemence & technical versatility on utilising striking songwriting musicianship momentum that's rather potent whilst vibrant - especially in "Motorvatin?" & "No Law Or Order"

Michael Monroe on vocals showcases these clean, high-pitched pipes that revel with the riveting cords and uproarious tremolo patterns... implementing a crescendo element whilst the throaty singing fabricates a catchy conundrum in immersively inventive surges of profusely robust structures within the musical adversity HANOI ROCKS provide with. "Teenangers Outsiders" puts in a unique trumpet blow in which makes for an intriguing contrast, crafting an enriching maelstrom meticulation that's pretty salubrious to rock to... jazzy would best describe this record so far, punchy & weighty whilst choppy and dancy as an impactfully impulsing quintessentially surges with monolithic slays in grinding calamity that's splendidly meaty to boot - which "Sweet Home Suburbia"/"M.C. Baby" both distinctively construct.

A distinguished rumble on reverberating bass audibility from Sami Yaffa forges a flickering thump within the hybrid but experimental instrumental vivacity songs like "Visitor", "Don't Follow Me" & "Lightnin' Bar Blues" rips out with... memorably engaging, a rigorous vigor zestfully attributes in euphonic density amongst an anthemic flow in which supplies some piledriving rambunctiousness from hammering drummer Razzle who stomps the set with steely precision. The penultimate rocker "Devil Woman" venomously gallops and chugs a frolicking foundation in borderline but captivating bar drinking fuelled energy, making you feel like you want to partake within that atmosphere in feel-good, good-time party masquerade while the overall concluding epic "Fallen Star" feels like a rendition of BLACK SABBATH's "Changes" a little.

Bottom line; think of Paul Di'anno IRON MAIDEN era, fused with the crazy KISS simplicity whilst more complex and virtuoso. Resurrected for another chance, curious fans can discover HANOI ROCKS the way they were meant to be listened to with this 40th Anniversary Re(al)mix Edition, the production is crisp and clobbering, belting a hefty but bombarding slab of old-school, yet rich solidity that modernizes this marvelling strife of riffery that's most poignant whilst enjoyably entertaining. "Oriental Beat" demonstrates a discovery for all ages of the past to jam to, reawakened by Svart Records - this jamboree of rocking zeal is most worthy of spinning a few times. Nothing ground-breaking, and it won't win record of the year material... but an experience that's surely one to keep note of should you fancy a flexibly fundamental slice of Glam Punk/Hard Rock contingencies, do check it out.

7 / 10









"Oriental Beat - 40th Anniversary Re(al)mix (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Oriental Beat
2. Motorvatin?
3. No Law No Order
4. Teenangels Outsiders
5. Sweet Home Suburbia
6. M.C. Baby
7. Visitor
8. Don't Follow Me
9. Lightning Bar Blues
10. Devil Woman
11. Fallen Star

Hanoi Rocks Lineup:

Michael Monroe - Lead Vocals
Andy McCoy - Guitar
Nasty Suicide (Jan Stenfors) - Guitar
Sami Yaffa - Bass
Razzle - Drums

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