HAMMERHEDD is a thrash metal band from Prairie Village, Kansas. Formed in 2012 by brothers […]
April 3, 2023
Hammerhedd - Nonetheless album cover

HAMMERHEDD is a thrash metal band from Prairie Village, Kansas. Formed in 2012 by brothers Abe, Henry and Eli Ismert when they were only 9, 7, and 4. They are largely self-taught and managed by their mother Bridget (insert your PARTRIDGE FAMILY jokes here). In 2016, a video of the band playing covers of METALLICA songs went viral and impressed with the young age of the trio, METALLICA publicly reposted the video. In 2018 they released their debut EP "Essence of Iron" followed by the 2021 full length album "Grand Currents". Last year they managed to hit the road and share a stage with IN FLAMES. Pulling musical influences from GOJIRA, EXODUS, MESHUGGAH, and of course METALLICA, they have released their latest collaboration, the full-length album "Nonetheless" on February 24, 2023, and will be touring this summer with HAVOC and TOXIC HOLOCAUST starting in July.

We open with "Pioneer to Be", and we get to the point quickly with deep pounding drumbeat cruising into a slow, melodic beat and tempo before dark and aggressive vocals join the party reminiscent of a pissed off senior citizen yelling at the neighborhood kids, the song never takes off musically and lingers in a holding pattern of repetitious and meandering tones. Track two picks up the pace ever so slightly on "Tunnel" with a quickened, rhythmic drum and bass combo backdrop, again giving way to harsh growls that leave no cohesive structure or format, and just hovers like a lost soul. Still searching for something memorable but "Snakes at Bay" is consistent with what I've heard so far, slow and sobering melodies and tempos with unrecognizable growls and screams tossed in sporadically, nothing distinctive musically or vocally. On to the title track "Nonetheless" with a beefier, high-energy edginess spewing out but lacks overall punch and drive. The album ends on a positive note with "Synthesis Pt. 1" and "Synthesis Pt. 2", both songs deliver a diversified sound and feel, more contrived and contrasting, with some subtle changes in musical direction, I really like the path these two songs went down.

I've never hidden the fact that I'm not a big thrash or death metal fan (wasn't a PARTRIDGE FAMILY fan either), but I always review my assigned albums with an open mind. The biggest problem I have with HAMMERHEDD and "Nonetheless" is lack of variation in their music style. The first eight songs all had the same formula and framework, but they showed what potential they have on the ending tracks. This band is young and talented, and are headed in the right direction, they just need to develop and create their own style and sound.

6 / 10

Had Potential








"Nonetheless" Track-listing:

1. Pioneer To Be
2. Tunnel
3. The Richest Man In Town
4. Descent
5. Snakes At Bay
6. Nonetheless
7. Fruition
8. Down The Hall And To Your Left
9. Synthesis Pt. 1
10. Synthesis Pt. 2
11. Lost

Hammerhedd Lineup:

Henry Ismert - guitar, vocals
Eli Ismert - drums
Abe Ismert - bass

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