Will To Survive


Now, this is a grandee' move from a record label to please all British Metal […]
By Grigoris Chronis
January 25, 2006
Hammerhead - Will To Survive album cover

Now, this is a grandee' move from a record label to please all British Metal fans! I was positive all the way, right from the very beginning about actions like e.g. Majestic Rock compiling the Roar To The Core CD with any audio clip of NWOBHM heroes Sabre was available at the time. Sonic Age Records goes the same way and presents the total Hammerhead anthology, in this Will To Survive CD, and there's no way a NWOBHM fan will remain displeased after purchasing this splendid release.
Workington, Cunbria, U.K. band Hammerhead are listed as an underground' New Wave of British Heavy Metal act. And this, due to their minor discography contribution to the whole movement; the band's sole official release is the Time Will Tell/Lonely Man 7 single in 1981 (Linden Sounds) plus the track Lochinvar featured in the obscure' It's Unheard Of 1984 compilation (Sane Records). Formed by guitarist Brian Hodgson and bassist Steve Archer, fellow axeman Buzz Elliott joined the ranks in 1978. Hammerhead performed till 1984 and - apart from the release of the Time Will Tell 7 single - are equally remembered for their hard rockin' shows on English ground.
Time Will Tell - featured in the Will To Survive album reviewed here - is credited as a great example of the Hard Rock portion' of the NWOBHM music style. Up-tempo, with great twin-lead harmonies and the immense voice of Buzz Elliott, this tune certainly depicts the songwriting capability of Hammerhead. The same applies for the rest of the CDs' tracklist, with songs grouped' in two fields': the ones with obvious 70's Rock influences (e.g. Lonely Man, Will To Survive) and the rest leaning towards the pre-NWOBHM guitar chords dominance (Ton Of Bricks, Heavy Handed (instrumental) or Lochinvar), to mention some. Hammerhead's spirit' shows a blend of Budgie, Deep Purple or Rory Gallagher synchronized' to the 'aura' of the time. Hence, I'd suggest this band to fans tgat dig bands such as e.g. Chevy, Bitches Sin, TNT or Gaskin.
The CD artwork is good, even if not that relevant to a NWOBHM band, plus the inner booklet is great with tons of info about the band's history (provided by Elliott himself) and lyrics for all songs. A grand gift is the Lochinvar video bonus, with Hammerhead performing live in July, 1984 at the Carnegie Theatre in their hometown of Workington. Well, there are enough reasons why a follower of the late 70's/early 80's British sound should pay attention to this big release. Lots of unreleased material - plus the luxurious price the 7 single turns up in our days - already make this album attractive enough. I can feel my heart in Lochinvar......

8 / 10


"Will To Survive" Track-listing:

Ton Of Bricks
Don't Look Down
Lonely Man
Crying As I Fall
BJ Special
Time Will Tell
Will To Survive
Heavy Handed
Extra Video: Lochinvar (Live 1984)

Hammerhead Lineup:

Time Will Tell 7 Lineup:

Brian Hodgson - Guitar & Vocals
Buzz Elliott - Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals
Steve Archer - Bass
Baz Ellwood - Drums

Other Musicians:

Billy Branch - Vocals
Tyrone Larmour - Drums
Frank Hall - Drums

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