Live in Anaheim - Original Soundtrack


From the archives of Rob Halford comes the arrival of "Live in Anaheim - Original […]
By Mike Novak
July 7, 2010
Halford - Live in Anaheim - Original Soundtrack album cover

From the archives of Rob Halford comes the arrival of "Live in Anaheim - Original Soundtrack." This live album, recorded months before JUDAS PRIEST's reunion, featured the arrival of new guitarist (stepping up from his role as producer) Roy Z., along with bassist Mike Davis. Roy Z is a marked improvement over previous guitarist Patrick Lachman, who went on to front the laughingstock DAMAGEPLAN. Also present is metal journeyman Metal Mike Chlasciak and the veteran drummer Bobby Jarzombek.

Of the band, Roy Z. and Jarzombek, in particular, stick out. Not only is Roy Z. a far more talented and interesting guitarist than his predecessor, he does a good job on the PRIEST solos because he keeps to the spirit of the originals while adding his own touch. Jarzombek is a monster on the speedier tracks, especially "Painkiller," one that had damn good drumming in its original incantation. On the more traditional PRIEST tracks, he doesn't try to turn the drumming into one long drum solo, instead he compliments the song rather than trying to control it.

The metal god himself is in top form throughout. Whether it is on the JUDAS PRIEST classics or the newer HALFORD material, he holds his own. He can still reach those amazing falsettos, yet sounds fine in the mid-range as well. It's really difficult to pick out a highlight as far as his vocal performance goes, because he gives an energetic performance throughout the varied setlist.

And speaking of the setlist, it is pretty hard to complain with what is found on here. If I could nitpick, I would say that I wished that "Beyond the Realms of Death" was on here, and I think "The Sentinel" would have sounded awesome with this group of players. However, what is featured is a bunch of great songs from various points throughout Halford's career. They do the version of "Diamonds and Rust" with that proto-thrash riff that was found on "Unleashed in the East," which I find far superior to the ballad-like version that PRIEST has sometimes done over the years.

The recording quality is crisp and clean. The audience is mostly drowned out, except for the sing-along parts like in "Breaking the Law." In a live setting, some songs that were mediocre in the studio (such as FIGHT's "Into the Pit") really find their footing. Even some forgettable HALFORD tracks sound much better (perhaps Roy Z's presence has something to do with this?). Like most live albums that Rob Halford appears on, "Live in Anaheim - Original Soundtrack" is essential.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Live in Anaheim - Original Soundtrack" Track-listing:


  1. Painkiller
  2. Rapid Fire
  3. Heretic
  4. Resurrection
  5. Made in Hell
  6. Golgotha
  7. Into the Pit
  8. Light Comes Out of Black
  9. White Heat Red Hot
  10. Never Satisfied
  11. Breaking the Law
  12. Hearts of Darkness
  13. Handing Out Bullets


  1. Diamonds and Rust
  2. Hellion
  3. Electric Eye
  4. Riding on the Wind
  5. Victim of Changes
  6. You've Got Another Thing Comin'
  7. Heretic (live in Japan)
  8. Sun (live in Japan)
  9. Golgotha (live in Japan)
  10. One Will (live in Japan)
Halford Lineup:

Rob Halford - Vocals
Metal Mike Chlasciak - Guitars
Roy "Z." Ramirez - Guitars
Mike Davis - Bass
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums

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